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After posting my slave’s testimonial on his findom addiction I received a gazillion of messages, people asking me about this slave t, even a submissive’s gf asked me advice about how she can make her sub spoil her more. I haven’t even replied to her because I was puzzled by the question but I thought I should write about this here so that I avoid further questions and bring my some clarifications about my side of this findom story.

The findom cliche

First of all I think “findom” has become some kind of a cliche and in spite of that I must admit I still use this hashtag often on twitter and on my profiles, just because of lack of inspiration, I don’t know what other word to use to reveal my greedy nature, and that is: my love for pretty little things that bring me so much joy, just like shoes, jewellery, nice leather outfits and other sexy luxurious things.  I do love to shop, travel and enjoy my life to the fullest so I think the word pretty much describes what I like and the way I am like a person…Some might call this kind of person a “bitch” but I wouldn’t go that far, I think when it comes to me, I can be called an independent and at the same time a spoiled woman.





A spoiled mistress

I want to reply to that message I received from that sub’s gf asking me how she can get spoiled more. The reason I didn’t answer in the first place was because I didn’t know what to say then. I don’t think there’s a secret to this. If that sub is a giver, and the mistress is a good receiver, then we have a good findom relationship. I think it has to be in the sub’s nature to like to give, and in the mistress’ personality to like to receive. There are women out there that are so independent they wouldn’t receive anything just out of pride. I’ve always liked to be shown appreciation and respect and receive a nice gift or a tribute as a sign of that. I find it thoughtful and I think it’s in the nature of a man to make a woman happy. As for me…it’s easy, shoes make me happy.



My take on findom definition

In my view, what it really means: as a woman letting yourself pampered, why I use “let” because in this century women are independent, skilled, trained, educated enough to get things for themselves, so you just accept a gift, although you could get that thing yourself. …(READ MORE)

Some of my best experiences as a mistress are usually when I get spoiled by my submissives. Many times I’ve had them buy me nice gifts, tributing and contributing financially to my luxurious lifestyle. They enjoy the feeling of being my financial slaves and they always want to please me with what they can, that is…their wallet.

My most recent financial slave, I would call him “slave t”, was one very interesting submissive whom I found to be very charming. He is a very nice guy who has a taste for the finest things. He has great taste in art, wine, and classy ladies and he is also addicted to the financial domination fetish.
Slave t takes a lot of pleasure from spending excessively on elegant and beautiful mistresses. He, however, gets bored easily…usually  and moves on to the next mistress as soon as he’s bored with one. At least that’s what he told me. Since he became my financial slave over 2 years ago, he hasn’t found any reason to look elsewhere. (that’s what he keeps repeating to me)
He sent me a very interesting message in his usual charming tone last week which I’d very much like to share. Here it goes…
Dear Miss Anna,
Knowing you has been an incredible experience for me. Only a few things can really hold my attention for so long. I don’t know how you do it but I’ve never been more intrigued by anyone like the way I am by you.
I think much of what attracts me to you resides in your entire being. Everything about you is so beautiful, I just can’t seem to help myself worshipping your beauty. Your ability to combine your extremely alluring sexiness with your talent for invoking intense pleasure simply takes my breath away.


financial domination
You are effortlessly classy, stylish and elegant. I enjoy seeing you smile every time I tribute you and I feel so privileged that I can contribute financially to your luxurious lifestyle. I have this endless burning desire to keep spoiling you so much. Sometimes I feel the rush to tribute an amount of money that I know I’ll later regret sending, but in that moment, I feel so excited that I have to spoil you.  …(READ MORE)

To begin this testimonial essay, I’d like to start with a brief introduction and past experiences of being one of many of Miss Anna’s privileged chastity slaves. My journey as Miss Anna’s slave/servant initiated when I met her via online in 2009, from there on out, I have been mostly kept secured in permanent male chastity. Today, I still feel grateful to have the opportunity to still have a place at her feet in servitude and submission.


chastity slave

Being kept locked in Miss Anna’s chastity device, or as I refer to it “a penis prison”, is an enlightening journey into the new world order of Female Supremacy. In these modern times Females are in charge and it’s ever progressing where Women are holding more and more upper level management positions. In short, males work for, serve, obey, and submit to their Female Superiors. Miss Anna makes this quite profound, as she uses male chastity to enforce this etiquette, and it is very effective.

Miss Anna is highly experienced with male chastity. Having her secured device tightly locked around me, I know I am owned, belonging to only her. Furthermore, it is a gratify experience to be on my knees below her serving and worshiping her beauty and superiority. When I’m chastity locked by Miss Anna, my behavior and servitude highly changes for the better, as I know my temporary chastity release depends upon it. In my many years of being Miss Anna’s slave, I have discovered how caring, intelligent, elegant, and dominant she is. These traits of a Female Boss are unique, and I’m truly thankful to be collared as her slave serving on my knees at her feet. …(READ MORE)


As you can see I started posting more here, since I realized I should do it more often. You have been asking me about this, if I read your mail and if it’s good to be posted here, so here I am doing it. I received this from a chastity slave, one of a few of my slaves that are in chastity. He decided he could share a bit of his moments “in prison” just like he always describes it when he desperately tries to convince me to unlock him. But no, I am never convinced, he will stay chastised. I don’t know for how long. Maybe forever?

chastity device

But after so much begging to be unlocked, one day, I think he finally accepted his fate and said that he never felt more owned than being trapped in this chastity device. I can remember when we first chatted, I had to make him wear the device (it wasn’t his first time)  so as to turn him into a more obedient slave. I’ve come across several submissives that became much more disciplined  after undergoing this experience. Chastity slaves know that they are at my mercy and they have to be very good boys to get unlocked…from that prison-like device. So very good behavior is the best thing that comes out of the chastity training. Also it is something that is part of the tease and denial thing I so much like. I know it may sound cruel to most men but you never know what it’s like until you try it. For me it’s definitely a way of control and of showing my supremacy over submissives, one of the many ways of having them on their knees and under my high heels where they admit their weakness and submission.  Femdom kind of fun.


I am writing this post not only for my sissies but for all potential sissies and submissives that are considering taking this path but are undecided about it, or unsure or confused about what it involves.
So, in order to bring some clarifications into the subject also to make this special training even more effective, I thought this post will be useful for everyone. I will be attaching pics of this week’s best sissy, sissy isabella. She completed her duties and did the best, following all my guidance perfectly.

Being a sissy is no easy task, it requires expending a lot of your time and energy so you can go through a major change, transforming your mind and body into that of a female. This mind and body development is what is commonly known as sissy training and it involves an intensive process where the sub is constantly learning to take on traditionally female roles.

As a submissive undergoing a sissy training, you get to embrace the realities of being a sissy by immersing yourself in actual experiences of feminization. This means learning to adopt ultra-feminine behaviors and perform various kinds of feminine activities. Such activities could range from housekeeping and application of makeup to cross-dressing and the shaving of your body.
Your face, figure, fashion, and finesses must all conform to that of a female in order to fully complete the sissy training. You will need to try to apply makeup every day, and you must keep reapplying it until it becomes second nature to you. It is also important that you master how to wear heels, and not just any heels, but high stiletto heels. This kind is my favourite:

red soles

You should learn to be able to walk effortlessly in high heels and you must ensure that your steps align perfectly with that of a professional dominatrix. Your manicure and pedicure must always be done and looking neat. Also, make sure that you do your shaving in a bathtub and use only high-quality women’s razors. Do not use men’s razors and avoid using anything that resembles an electric device for your shaving.

Having a smooth and soft skin is an integral part of being feminine and sissy shaving is the cornerstone of being girlish. As a submissive with the goal of being a true sissy, you must see to it that your legs, chest, stomach, armpits, and the hairs between your thighs are thoroughly worked up with lather and well shaved.

To be a better sissy, you need to do one thing – and that is to practice every day. Just like exercising – working out to build huge muscular bodies and practicing to be a good sissy are quite very similar. It is a practice that must be performed continuously for its impact to be truly felt. Some submissives may take pills or undergo surgery as part of their transformation in order to make their bodies look more feminine. That is taking things to an upgraded level, and becoming even more feminine. Sissy Isabella already is on this path and following my guidelines and you can see her progress already:


Practice they say makes perfect. This same principle applies to all submissives who undergo sissy training. By constantly devoting your time to learning and adopting the basic skills necessary to create a feminine essence, you will become a full blown sissy before you know it. Sissy skills are qualities that you develop in time and progress should be able to get you noticed. …(READ MORE)

First I have to say I am overwhelmed by the number of messages I’ve got in my inbox from my submissives who wanted to be featured here with their fantasies and posts they wrote for me. I’ve been meaning to post them but I thought it wouldn’t be fair to do that without me writing something first …since it’s my blog after all.
So here are some things that happened since the last time I wrote here: a trip to Lisbon, followed by an award for my site DominantMiss, and then a lot of new shoes happened too. The thing is I’ve been so busy online that I didn’t have time to write on here, but I did make time to post on twitter almost every day. If you want to check whether I am online or not, the best way is to check my twitter, I always make sure to let you know about important things and updates.

So you’re probably wondering now why I chose this title…It all has to do with my trip to Lisbon and being invited to the Live Cam Awards as one of the co-hosts there.

That involved giving awards to other hosts who were voted as the best cam models in 2018. The action took place in Portugal, close to Lisbon, in Casino Estoril, in a beautiful location that made you feel like a star, all the lights were shining so bright, and the atmosphere there was surreal!

Let me tell you a bit about that, it was really exciting to get on stage and be watched by so many people, I was so nervous even though I only had a few words to say there, it was still pretty breath taking to see the lights above the stage and the crowd in the audience in front of me.
live cam awards
It was one of the few moments in my life where I felt as if the world stopped and time stood still for a few seconds when I heard my name and that I had won the award for the “best cam model personal site”. …(READ MORE)

As a proud lady boss, I enjoy it so much to train all of my submissives to become loyal and to remain faithful to me and me alone. They forget about everything else when they’re with me because I make them feel owned and controlled. I always make sure that they fully serve me according to my mood and desire, and what happens is that somehow I make them want to come back for more.
It is just like I wrote earlier in one my previous posts where some submissives freaked out thinking they could resist serving me only to come back later after they realize that they cannot live without their master.
I recently received a mail from a submissive who was going through the exact same situation. He admitted he couldn’t make up his mind whether to continue under my control or not, and felt that I was making him less of himself and so he wanted to “break away” but he soon realised that his desire to be controlled was far greater than the urge to let go. After a few days of intense struggle with himself, he couldn’t help but return and surrender to me… this time for good he says.
Here is what he wrote:
“My love for Miss Anna knows no bounds, it is like a burning flame that keeps me safe and warm from the freezing cold. I have never felt more alive than when in the company of Miss Anna. She is the only dominatrix that truly understands me and I feel like I’ve known her forever. I’ve been around a couple femdom sites in search of a true dominatrix that can satisfy my wishes of being controlled and she has surpassed them all in every aspect.
Miss Anna is one lady boss that I would describe as the perfect mistress. She has all the features and characteristic of a real lady boss, and she is exceedingly good at what she does – a true master of her craft.

Her beauty is breathtaking, she possesses a fierce gaze, a perfect body, and a bossy disposition to go with. …(READ MORE)

Last few days I was offline to enjoy some “me time”, so when I decided to check out my messages, I found an interesting email. It’s always nice to see that my loyal submissives are checking up on me when I am away, I always appreciate the messages you send, showing your worship, it really makes me happy to see that I am missed. In my last post I challenged you to share with me your fantasies, and I did receive quite a few. But for now this one email caught my attention.

This sissy has been trained by me for about a year now, he is into feminisation. At first he said he wants to become the best and to truly fulfil his sissy wishes. And because I think he has the potential to become a perfect sissy slut I started training him. Long story short here’s what he wrote:

“Getting to meet Miss Anna was a life-changing experience for me. I can vividly remember the first night we chatted. It was a quiet evening, after one of those long days at work. I was surfing the net for some femdom stuff when I came across her femdom profile on twitter. This intrigued me because I have always had this inner craving to surrender to a powerful Goddess and to dress up and get more feminine.

As a matter of fact, I am an addict for nylons and heels. I couldn’t stare at a pair of high heeled stiletto without wanting to put them on. The way Miss Anna dresses in her pictures had always been my fantasy, it was like the exact picture of the mistress I have always dreamed of and I could already see myself in her lingerie.
As I surfed through her profile, I knew Miss Anna was the one who would understand my sissy desires and help me fulfill them – so I contacted her. …(READ MORE)

Lately I haven’t been online much, since I was away on vacation. Then I came back for a little while and left again on another trip.
mistress nylons
I visited many nice places and now I got back and you can see me online more. My slave hypnotised90 said that he missed while I was away and wrote this nice story/fantasy for me to share with you. I will post it here because I am sure it will inspire many of you to give in to me after reading these lines. You will see why.

“For some time now I am pursued by a dream. A dream about miss Anna taking over my life. I know She is the perfect woman to do it, and I have from little to zero chances to resist Her power. During the recent day, I became almost completely crazy about a plot, including miss Anna, Her power and skill, at the one side, and me, my kinks and weaknesses at the other.
This plot includes miss Anna somehow taking control over my computer without my permission. I know this is very unlikely to happen, but it would be insane to notice one day, one moment, that my computer is remotely controlled by somebody else, and read miss Anna’s mocking message, appearing written with large pink letters all over my screen. To realize, that I no longer have the access to many of my personal files, many of my work files, nor to the setting of my computer account. …(READ MORE)

I received this testimonial from a new submissive I own now, I will call him my hypnotisedslave This is what he wrote about our hypnotising, controlling experience:

“I found Miss Anna’s website by accident. It was a long evening, I felt tired, and so I started to browse through some femdom stuff via Google. When the first photo of Miss Anna appeared on the screen, It got my attention, of course, but still, I was considering her just a very beautiful femdom model, nothing more, nothing less.
nylons dominatrix

However, it happened somehow (destiny?) that I found myself browsing through Her galleries and above all through Her blog posts. I was instantly amazed. You know, most of the dommes are very beautiful women, but their claims also often use to be a little bit stereotypic, sometimes even full of clichés. This was not the case of Miss Anna. Her texts impressed me with the immerse amount of intelligence and a charisma of the true femme fatale, which has been put into them. Miss Anna obviously knows, which words to choose, which sentences to use, to make the reader at least … well, nervous. I can say this is a linguistic therapy (but is “therapy” the proper word for what She is doing?) of its own kind. Reading her posts further, I gradually felt more and more curious, and, at the same time, more and more aroused. And finally, I did something I never did before: I registered for Miss Anna’s site and sent her just a little tip, not so high amount, just to try to get into contact with Her.

This was the beginning of my fall.

Miss Anna wrote me back very quickly. She was very polite, I would even say nice, She welcomed me to Her site, thanked for the tip, and we just started chatting a little bit. Before I realized what is really happening, the first Teamviewer session started. It just happened very naturally. Miss Anna has a tremendous skill in becoming the authority to Her subject, just in the moment She wants. I found myself following Her instructions without question or hesitation, just because She wrote me to do so. I even didn’t fully realize I sent her a few tributes during our session. It was just happening. …(READ MORE)

I am so excited that I need to write about this on here. Slave s has a significant breakthrough that needs to be mentioned and properly acknowledged on here by everyone. He could last 6 more minutes more compared to his last wank haha So this time he is a 10 minutes wanker :)) Not his best record though, just a breakthrough compared to last time which was few days ago:

findom …(READ MORE)

As I am sure you might have noticed, I came back online these days. I have been away for the last 2 weeks, doing a bit of travelling, and attending an event that gathered the online video chat community.
mistress nylons

For me it was the second event of this kind, and again it was a pleasant surprise to meet so many nice people at the Bucharest Summit. Some of them I had already met, some were new, but all were cool people. I learned that I like these kind of events for all the socialising done among open minded people. Because being in this community is an open minded thing to do, and going out and expressing yourself as you are is an even more open minded thing to do.
b summit

Being an online model is an eccentric thing, I learned this all these years. It is a bold thing to go online and express yourself -just be who you really are, in my case a dominant, a Mistress. Expressing the Goddess inside me every day that I am online, and teaching my submissives to embrace their sexuality freely, to expose their feminine nature. I mean if it’s inside them, why not let it out and be free, be who you are? …(READ MORE)

So below I have 2 new collages I got together myself of these 2 sissy sluts. Who is the sluttiest? What do you think? Who will win the contest? You may vote on the poll I have created on twitter or on the right of this page.

Slut number 1:

cross dresser …(READ MORE)

So this is just a quick post with just some of my tonight’s trainings drainings.
These are just some print screens I had time to take in between other drainings. Busy day, and evening tonight, and also expecting another piggy in a few moments.

So this is piggy number 1:


He is named 12 min piggy since that’s his capacity, I know, it’s pathetic…but that’s how long he can last haha And thus his nickname hahah Always makes me laugh!! …(READ MORE)

Last week I got a guest in my chatroom asking me about something on my profile. Obviously he didn’t read my profile well so I didn’t bother replying since he was obviously wasting my time. He asked me what the draining meant. Here’s my reply to all of you who are confused about it: findom.
I love draining my piggies’ accounts. Here’s an example:

From last night:

Today he came back from more:

In both cases the draining took 10-12 mins maximum. So hot!!

Last few weeks have been busy for me with a trip to Barcelona where I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very important award for me: Best fetish live cam model. Since for the last 10 years I’ve been mistress-ing online and doing a good job at it, this award came as an acknowledgement of my work in the field, and of course this made me very very happy.


Now let me tell you a bit about my stay in Barcelona, and about the event of course.
This whole event took place in Sitges, a nice seaside resort near Barcelona, Spain. …(READ MORE)