10 things you didn’t know about me

smart strict mistress
1.I’ve read more than 1000 books so far, if not 2000, who counts them anymore? The point is… I read on a daily basis, it’s one of my biggest hobbies. My record was reading Gone with the wind in less than 2 days. And I think I don’t have to mention the size of that novel 😉 But that was in high school, meanwhile my taste in authors has become more complex, more refined, it changed, developed in time, just like wine…

2. I have over 100 pairs of high heels, I might have to move to a bigger place or else I won’t have ANY space left for moving freely around, anymore. I might open a “shop my closet” thingy so I get rid of some of the pairs I don’t wear so often. That way lucky slaves could get a chance to sniff them. It’s even become harder to decide what to wear in the morning, choosing from so many pairs…They say a girl can have only one 2 problems: either nothing to wear, either no space for so many clothes and shoes.

3.I started kicking boys asses from kindergarten, I was a tough little girl and I used to defend my rights from childhood. I stayed like that as I grew up.

4. I eat my food very very spicy. I used to be crazy for indian food (I used to even cook it myself!!) now I fell in love with thai food. I am good at recognising flavours. If I eat one dish, I can go home and cook the same dish just the same. Just because I want to prove something. For me cooking is just a passion…I do it all the time, when I am in the mood, the rest of the time I have it cooked for me.


5. I’ve visited more than 30 countries so far and still have a big list of places I want to go to. I loved Monte Carlo, Cannes, London, Berlin, Marrakesh, Paris, Athens, Bali, Barcelona, Rome, Palermo, Munich, Dortmund Zurich, Wien, etc…(not exactly in that order) I still want to get to Vietnam, India, Australia and the list goeess on and on…

6. I have more than 100 slaves serving me (on and off). They’ve become addicted to me, and they serve me on a regular basis, excepting the cases where they try to stay away, to prove they are not addicted, which doesn’t work out too well for them, since they always get back to me, somehow.


7. I wear nylons or pantyhose almost all the time, excepting the days where it’s too hot for them. When it s a rainy day outside, my only joy is pantyhose, since I love the sunshine so much. But nylon and pantyhose make me feel so good about rainy weather, it’s such a wonderful sensation to feel that silky fabric caressing my legs, not to mention it makes them look so much better.

spoiled lady

8. I started tweeting! Yes, I have a twitter account now, a fetlife one, and will make an instagram account too, soon. I started it since I wanted to keep in touch more with my loyal slaves and I found twitter to be perfect. I can send messages instantly from there, and not to mention the pictures I post from wherever I go.

9. I am very determined woman and once I set my mind doing something I achieve it. In fact everything I ever wanted became true so far. Once I achieve it I never stop, I go on pursuing new goals. I am determined enough to find the right balance, and find the right way that works for both of us, that gives us the chance to be who we really are. If my being dominant gives you the chance to bring out your submissive side into action, by serving me, then we’re a match!


10. My biggest passion right now is femdom I love many things, but what turns me on the most is owning more and more subs every day, adding them to My collection. I enjoy disciplining my slaves, and making them even better and better each day. This passion keeps me happy and motivated, it’s just like a fuel that makes me become the kind of Mistress, sub missives haven’t even dreamed to find: elegant, passionate, witty and strict. Feminine but with the right touch of strength coming from within, strict, yet permissive enough to allow the slave to manifest his wildest fantasies, caring, yet selfish enough to give the submissive the chance to put the Mistress on the first place!

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