A new delightful year

Last year (although it passed pretty quickly) was a very good year for me, as it was filled with lots of travelling, sight seeing, adventures, good food, inspiring people, great books and music. I love to spend my time doing things I love, and those things I love took a lot of my time last year. So I think I should conclude it was a good year? I suppose so…

femdom mistress

And I didn’t even get to mention femdom. That is self implied, a simple look at the name/content of the blog and you can tell it’s one of my passions.

To get back at the name of this blog entry…I don’t believe in any of the shit where you make wishes (formal ones) about a new year or holidays or birthdays and stuff like that. That’s why I am not too good with all the formal things you need to say when you “have to”. But now I don’t have to, I feel I want to share a few things with you, the submissives that are following me, and reading my posts, this is for all of you.

As you may have understood by now, this is not another “blah-blah-new-year-post”, it is what I truly wish for all of you … us (myself included). I hope this year that just started will be one filled with all the things we love. I am sure that by now you are probably surprised why I am included in the same category with you… wishing you same things as I want for me. But it’s true…I do wish well for everybody: I want lots of passion filled femdom moments for all of us. Submissive adventures for you, dominant ones for me. Lots of draining experiences that will bring you more of what you want: that is to be owned and controlled by Me. That is directly proportional with what I want: to own and control you. You see now why my wishes are for both of us.

So to conclude: I wish us a New Delightful Year filled with lots of femdom adventures that we will remember the next few years and look back and smile and get excited about and wish to relive. That is exactly the kind of year I want … one that we will always remember!

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