About submissives in my video chat

There is no secret that there are a lot of submissives out there. the difference between them is their willingness to submit. Some are more submissive, while some are almost not submissive at all…but they have a fetish that is in the area of “submission”.
During this decade that I’ve been in the bdsm world I’ve had the chance to meet all types of submissive, not so many slaves, and so many so called submissives. The problem is when they think they are subs but they keep behaving like vanilla ones, and in their head they have a problem that the mistress is not meeting their needs. That’s why I’ve always loved people who knew what they wanted.

Even in real life, when I meet someone who knows what they like and they do what they like, I say inside my head: “Hallelujah” But when I meet people who are always complaining about something, while they don’t even know what is it that they really want, I don’t know how to leave the conversation, or leave them talking … by themselves, since that’s what they deserve. I mean why should you have to hear someone complain in the first place, when modern people are not complaining anymore, we’re just looking for solutions. If the conversation is not creative in the first place, then I don’t want to have it!. And it’s the same online, all kind of people come to my chat, who like to complain there, their surprise is that they don’t find someone to help them in that process. Since I am not the kind of person to sustain those types of conversations.


I am lucky that in time I’ve attracted in my chat the types of persons who are smart, polite and kind. I am not joking, I consider myself lucky to have the type of chatters who don’t make me say: “Oh God, please let it be a good day today in my chat” No, my days are typically good ones, my submissives usually know what they are looking for, and they are not complaining that they are not getting it. I believe that when you know what you want (and that is strictly your responsibility) then you will choose your mistress accordingly to your needs and desires. Then if you manage to convey those needs and desires so that the mistress understands then, then my assumption is you will be in for a great video chat experience. Then your type of submission will not matter any more, since if the mistress has perfectly figured you out (according to what you have communicated to her) then she won’t have a problem with you being a certain way. And if she has figured you out and you are out of her area of expertise she won’t have a problem of sending you to another mistress who is more into that fetish. I’ve done that many times during these years. And It had mainly something to do with subs looking for nudity -I literally had no problem telling them to choose someone else. I’ve never misled them telling them that errr… maybe we’ll get there. No! It should not be a problem to be able to say no when you feel so. There are certain things that turned me off and I had no problem telling no to those type of submissives, either. It felt right, making sure that both Me and the submissive got exactly what we wanted, and if our needs didn’t meet, it’s ok.
Being submissive definitely has something to do with being told what to do, but in time I’ve seen many so called submissive who wanted me to tell them what to do but they told me exactly how and with that attitude that you could tell they were anything but submissive. I knew immediately that I was dealing with a fetish video chat. Sometimes I like those chats, and I continue the discussion, while sometimes I don’t and I end it politely. I really believe in communication and politeness even in bdsm chats where people have the misconception that a lady in latex yells to some poor naked guy who trembles with fear. Which makes me laugh (heavily) .

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