Back from my vacations


So…finally home now, from my vacations. I’ve been away to so many beautiful places, first warm ones…

And then colder…

spoiled mistress

I enjoyed both vacations but it was an interesting feeling to leave from such warm weather to cold one…But It was a nice experience, I would repeat it again. Anytime 🙂

And it was so nice to be back to such royal treatment. My submissives said they’ve missed Me, and their actions really showed that.
First of all slave Ben welcomed Me with his slave tax:

Look at what beautiful message he sent me for Valentine’s. So so cute!


Slave Stef also wanted to be drained by Me, and I was happy to find it was a double draining since he missed Me too much and our findom chats. He even sent me a picture of his gf!! For the first time!


Second part of the draining:


Slave josh surprised me with a nice gift:


Other than that the usual…my submissives came by to say hi and to tell me how much they missed me.
Some do like to spoil me…and that feels so great!


So what can I say, I had a good time away on my vacations, and it’s so good to be back home, especially when you spoil Me like this…makes ME want to stay at home and be served by you more 🙂


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