Barcelona and the Best Fetish Cam Model

Last few weeks have been busy for me with a trip to Barcelona where I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very important award for me: Best fetish live cam model. Since for the last 10 years I’ve been mistress-ing online and doing a good job at it, this award came as an acknowledgement of my work in the field, and of course this made me very very happy.


Now let me tell you a bit about my stay in Barcelona, and about the event of course.
This whole event took place in Sitges, a nice seaside resort near Barcelona, Spain.

fetish awards

I had never been there before. I had previously visited Barcelona just not Sitges. Luckily I had time to visit around, do some shopping and also just relax before the event, which got me in a nice mood.


For me when I go somewhere new it’s important that I see all that is to be seen, it makes me happy to see new places and find out new things.
princess life

Also taste local foods, traditional drinks…and this was the case with their nice tortillas and tasty fajitas and the yummy sangria. To be honest I’d go back there in a second if I could…just for the taste and feel of that sangria!!
And for the award haha
Needless to say I had fun there.

Then the evening of the event came and I was nervous, but when I got there everything changed for me, I was starting to feel excited. I got to meet exciting people and interesting people and the atmosphere was just too nice not to enjoy it. I mean you couldn’t feel otherwise there. The drinks, the place, the details, literally everything was on point. The Live cam awards took place in a luxurious estate -Finca Mas Solers surrounded by amazing nature.
live cam awards

It was a really exquisite place to be, and celebrate, I really felt like a princess there. The people I socialised with were very nice and open minded, I felt lucky to meet people that could talk so genuinely about their work and achievements…really inspiring chat. And this was the essence of the event: the location, the people, the drinks and the atmosphere. It was very enjoyable and I was having fun.


Now about the most exciting moment of the evening: that of hearing my name… well my screen name 🙂 And that meant I had to go on the stage and get my award. I was so nervous I could barely hold the mic haha But it was my first time on a stage like that and in front of like…300 people. Really exciting moment for me, it’s a really strange feeling to see those lights and people in front of you, but it only made me realise that… here I was… getting the acknowledgement I’ve always dreamt about. The Best Fetish Live Cam Model Award !!!

fetish award

I am really happy for all the votes and for the live cam awards event that made me really feel I got where I’ve always wanted, and that is to be the best at what I do. And I could not have got the award without all the submissives who have been here for me all these years. I am pleased with all your support and votes, it makes me happy to see my loyal submssives stick with me when I need them the most.

That can only make me move forward … to more exciting and unexpected things. I’m always aiming for the best in life, and I’m so glad you’re part of my adventure!!

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