Being Miss Anna’s Chastity Slave

To begin this testimonial essay, I’d like to start with a brief introduction and past experiences of being one of many of Miss Anna’s privileged chastity slaves. My journey as Miss Anna’s slave/servant initiated when I met her via online in 2009, from there on out, I have been mostly kept secured in permanent male chastity. Today, I still feel grateful to have the opportunity to still have a place at her feet in servitude and submission.


chastity slave

Being kept locked in Miss Anna’s chastity device, or as I refer to it “a penis prison”, is an enlightening journey into the new world order of Female Supremacy. In these modern times Females are in charge and it’s ever progressing where Women are holding more and more upper level management positions. In short, males work for, serve, obey, and submit to their Female Superiors. Miss Anna makes this quite profound, as she uses male chastity to enforce this etiquette, and it is very effective.

Miss Anna is highly experienced with male chastity. Having her secured device tightly locked around me, I know I am owned, belonging to only her. Furthermore, it is a gratify experience to be on my knees below her serving and worshiping her beauty and superiority. When I’m chastity locked by Miss Anna, my behavior and servitude highly changes for the better, as I know my temporary chastity release depends upon it. In my many years of being Miss Anna’s slave, I have discovered how caring, intelligent, elegant, and dominant she is. These traits of a Female Boss are unique, and I’m truly thankful to be collared as her slave serving on my knees at her feet.

At the current time I am locked and secured for roughly a week now, and it is somewhat uncomfortable at first, but in time chastity begins to feel like a natural part of my body. It’s a constant reminder of my service and owner of Miss Anna her Highness. I still feel today that more and more Women are discovering the benefits of male chastity and discovering how much more obedient and serving these males are. Miss Anna has learned this and makes highly effective use of it, along with all her knowledge and experience in it.

I’m sure Miss Anna my Owner and Boss will be having me write more posting in her blog in the near future to demonstrate the effects of chastity and my obedience. Groveling on my knees Miss Anna, thank you for allowing me to serve a one of kind true Goddess.


Slave Ben

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