Chastity confinement

I have been away for a while traveling to nice places. As you probably know I love to travel and I spend a lot of time exploring new places. But I always come back home

nylon legs

and always return online to my submissives

especially when they’re patiently waiting for me in their chastity

chastity slave
Here is slave ben’s latest letter to me. I still haven’t decided to set him free out of MY chastity:
“Hello as I kneel and kiss your beautiful feet Miss Anna my owner,

I have been holding off this letter trying to cope with being in chastity to you but I can hide the fact that you own me entirely Miss Anna. I have worshiped you yesterday, today and forever! Being locked down in chastity for so long by you I now know what my true purpose in life is finally, that is to SERVE YOU Miss Anna. For the past week I have been thinking of ways to put my new life into words, I came up with many thoughts. One is that you control me, secondly you own me, and last is I will always belong to you Miss Anna.

Sitting here writing this letter of submission I gaze upon my locked cock that is now what I consider your property, I have a deep, sudden feeling of just whimpering in tears that I want to masturbate but I know this is no longer allowed without your permission and approval Miss Anna. I consider myself very fortunate on the other hand that chastity is a small price to pay to be allowed in your presence and to be able to be considered your chastity slave. You have the most exquisite feet and toned legs and body that is a true privilege to worship.

I am happy to admit that I can even no longer think of another woman any more Miss Anna..each time I do my tiny cock starts to hurt and that is the reminder that you own and control it and I tell myself that Miss Anna owns me! The saying I heard many times is right: “To control a male is to control his cock” and this is exactly what you have done Miss Anna. I worship, praise and kneel before and I always will. I just keep praying someday you will release me for just one day, would a gift or money help you to consider this special day for me please Miss Anna I beg of you?

Since you own me so completly Miss Anna I just want to devote my entire life to serving you and pampering you as you deserve this lifestyle Miss Anna.

Kneeling before you Miss Anna..may I please kiss your feet in appreciation for being allowed in your presence as your personally owned chastity slave?

You have dropped me to my knees begging Miss Anna!

Slave Ben”

Don’t know if he’s going to be released soon but I do know one thing. I love to take his ass…


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