Ben’s chastity experiences

My day to day feelings and emotions as Miss Anna’s chastity slave..

To start with and let me be clear, being a long term or permanent chastity slave is an extremely challenging experience! When it comes to ultimate tease and denial she is a trained Lady skilled in the art of this. Being her locked and secured chastity slave has benefits as well; these include, more attentive to her needs and desires, obedience, subservience and training you to think with your actual brain not the one in between your legs.


I go to bed each night knowing very well that when I awake I will be facing a major denied erection when I awake, it must be just male nature to awake with a morning woody. The instant I awake my hardened member is a sudden and constant reminder of my Owner and Superior Miss Anna. This has lasted up to a few minutes and in some cases up to a half an hour. Working 2nd shift, I have plenty of morning time to spend my day and enjoy daily activities. For me personally, chastity is the toughest to get used too at night while sleeping and as I previously mentioned morning.

In the early stages of lock down you will feel an incredible urge to masturbate, believe me.. it’s a feeling I still have after months and months of chastity securement. Miss Anna is extremely serious about male chastity, after months of secured lock down I’m to the point where my balls get so full that I drip through many parts of the day! I’m kept locked in the “JailHouse” Chastity device and it’s also very unforgiving when I get an attempted hard-on as it just seems to keep tightening around my testicles the more I sexually aroused I get. Every twitch or tingle I get is a constant reminder of my slavery and submission to Miss Anna..I belong fully to her and she’s my Boss, Owner, Superior and I obey her commands. In many cases after months of lock down, I will literally plead and beg her on my knees for a release but she just smiles and says ” I will think about it” which makes me want to cry in desperation.


You will find that locked in chastity takes some getting used to in a public setting as well. Still to this day I walk in public hoping and praying someone doesn’t notice this steel bulge between my legs as I would have to either lie or confess my penis is off limits to me. Other than this chastity lifestyle is pretty much basic everyday living. Keeping proper hygiene is a must and Vaseline works well for any minor skin chaffing. Miss Anna truly is the Queen of Tease and Denial, her flawless and sexy photos just make me feel like I could climb a wall at times.. Miss Anna and her use of chastity has taught me my place in life as in embracing her Superiority and that humbly knowing I’m her slave, she owns me completely. With many years now of on and off chastity lock downs, I confess that it has made me completely compliant male who entirely believes in Female Supremacy. So many Women would benefit today learning the use of chastity. Miss Anna certainly knows its benefits and male behavior modifications..



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