Chastity slave wants release

Chastity slave ben has been locked for months now which made disciplining him so much easier. Have proudly owned his body and mind all these months and considering giving him short release from chastity since he has been behaving so well.
chastity slave

This is the letter he’s sent to me:

“Miss Anna my owner,

Submissively greeting you at your feet your highness, hoping you have had a wonderful Monday Miss Anna. As I write this chastity release plea I entirely realize and have a full understanding now that I am entirely enslaved to you and extremely grateful to have such an amazing opportunity to be permitted in your divine presence.

Being locked now for nearly four months Miss Anna, I feel that I have learned a valuable experience as to what you expect of me in forms of submission and living a life entirely dedicated to serving your inner most desires and wishes. Although each and everyday of chastity comes with many hardships, the lockdown you have placed me in as your slave is and will always be an constant reminder that I am your slave and you are to always be served to the best of my abilities.

Begging please at your feet may I pleased be considered for chastity parole Miss Anna, even for just a day or two please my owner? I know that serving you will be the greatest privilege I will ever receive in life!

Thank you and kissing your feet as you consider this Miss Anna.

Your chastity slave,


Slave ben has been good boy so far, he has even sent me a tribute:


He’s been making progress as you can see but I still want him to get better and better, so I am still considering if he should be released for a day. Still not convinced 100% …maybe I am a very strict Mistress!!

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