• Slave ben’s chastity report

    chastised slave

    Here is slave ben’s chastity report. He’s been chastised for lmost 3 weeks and he begs to be released, but no way! I told him there are at least 3 more weeks to come for him in chastity, although I know I am planning to have him locked for much longer than that. Now here’s the report:

    chastity slave

    “First I would just like to say how I worship the ground you walk on Miss Anna. I could never have been anymore fortunate to be selected as a locked loyal chastity slave that exist in your presence. Mentally I get very frustrated at times being locked in your device but this is becoming just a normal way of life for me anymore. Every tingle, twitch and irritability I feel in it is a constant reminder of who owns me.

    I’m swollen so much anymore I don’t even know if the ring/cuff will even come off without a release. You are constantly on my mind anymore Miss Anna. The past few mornings I have been waking up and even in daily life activities have noticed I am dribbling and leaking constantly anymore. Hoping with permission someday you will unlock my sorry pathetic excuse for a dicklet someday soon. I’m slowing reaching my breaking Point of total submission to your superiority Miss.

    With your experience at controlling chastity slaves I am completely at your mercy. Hoping your friends are enjoying the pathetic locked penis photos you have of me.

    Chastity slave Ben”
    chastity slave

  • My chastity slave ben

    My chastity slave ben is a very bad bad slave, he had been in chastity for me for a few months when I caught him cheating, he was no longer wearing the chastity. He wanted to hide that from me and he couldn’t, then he begged me and begged me for months to have him as My slave again. It took me a long time to accept him as My slave again, and after a lot of begging he convinced me to chastise him again, hopefully this time he’ll be good. Here are his latest pics:

    chastity slave

    chastised slave

    chastity slave

    slave in chastity

  • Having fun on cam

    I’m posting a picture of some of the fun webcam chats I have with some of you…You will see how much I love being entertained, how much I love to feminize you or to make fun of you…I will let the pics do the talking:

  • Newest request

    thong3This is the newest request from one of my submissives, all gay men get your phone ready because
    I have a new slut for you: ” My name is Alex, from London. My number is
    07971670023, I need to be treated like trash, because I am human waste. I have been
    told to make myself available to any gays or bis who want get arouse themselves by
    subjecting me to abuse me over the phone.”

  • Slaveboy video

    I just took a new video of slaveboy I exposed him more, he is showing a part of his face too haha I`ll get him to expose himself totally soon, so stay tuned.


  • new slave

    I want to expose my newest slave
    His nickname is slaveboy1989
    his email is: slaveboy1980@hotmail.co.uk
    his skype name is: slaveboy19801
    NEW number!!!

    His new phone number: 07887426844
    He is such a nasty slut, why don’t you call him and see it for yourself, he’d love to hear from you :))
    tHIS IS THE SLUTTIEST SLAVE I VE MET! HE DESERVES SO MUCH “ATTENTION” FROM YOU GUYS, LET’S GIVE HIM A CALL AND TELL HIM WHAT A PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT HE IS, WON’T WE? let’s remind this worm how he is useless and he deserves a GANGABANG hahahahhaha as long with constant abuse hahahahah

    If you recognize this slave, write a comment and let’s nail this slave!

  • Chastity slave journal day 1

    slave in chastity device plastic numbered lock As you already know I am an experienced chastity Mistress, I have lots of chastity slaves that have assigned me as their Owner. Some of them send me their slave journals every day to keep me updated on their “exciting” chastity experience. Here is one of them:

    “Hello Mistress Anna, how are you doing goddess? My chastity experience has been going very slowly and uncomfortable, but the important part is that you demand to be served properly by all you chastity subs. This morning I woke and it felt very tight on me because it is so tightly caged. I’m on my knees waiting for release only at your approval when only you feel i served your every desire and needs. Thank you Miss Anna for properly securing me I am grateful. It gets itchy sometimes so I keep it clean with a Q-tip with water and soap. I realize now I belong at your feet locked in chasity. At times it feels so humiliating knowing you control me and own me completely. But all Your needs must come first.
    This was my first slave journal, I will supply you with more of them as I was ordered to do so. It gets very warm in this tube, fresh air would feel so good right now with your permission off course. Hope this was a good journal and it satifies you Goddess Anna. Have a great day Miss Anna.”