Fallen into my trap

Tonight I had two easy preys fall into my trap… I call it trap because they feel like so, but for me, I feel there’s no trap effort involved, since they just arrive at my feet…somehow. I can’t explain how…yet they are perfectly aware of the things that make them humbly submit before my power.

For instance, slave t. admitted that he tried to stay away for a while…but he had to come back to me, since he felt I was drawing him back somehow.

As a slave when you come back…you have that feeling like you lost the battle, you tried to resist serving me but you had to come back. After you get over that, it starts feeling good, like getting back to where you belong (so I’ve been told).

You can go see other mistresses, maybe feel satisfied for a session or 2, before you come back to me and stay …serve me for good.
You are then realising that you like it more with me.
It s only normal, to try everything, and see what suits you best. With some others you might feel you have different chemistry, and for some time that might work out more, until you want to make a change. It’s all about chemistry…and if we have it…then there’s nothing stopping this, not even you trying to stay away.

As for my slave t. he said it’s my natural born power that he senses I have that he enjoys about me, and the effect my smile has on him…which is more powerful than a whip (my interpretation).

[20:08] CC/slavet. (private): when the smile can have this effect
[20:08] CC/slavet. (private): why a wip

I found his words fascinating…I’ve heard this before…but in other word form. But I think this time it described me the best, me and my sessions, where lately it has been a lot about the power in my eyes, mostly. And the smile or my other face expressions…no whip, no strap on, no bdsm artifice, no anything. And I just realised it now. “why a whip, when I just smile and it’s enough”. I find this a brilliant, and very accurate description of what I was telling earlier, if there’s chemistry, then no other stuff is needed, really.

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