From my loyal submissives

This is a post dedicated to a few of my subs who have sent me things upon request. My black slave sent me a letter to share with all of you his obedience to Me. Here it is:

I am black and goddess Annes slave, I am under the control of mistress at all times and only address mistress on my knees hands behind my back head on floor. As black slaves should, I am here only to service goddesses feet as I am not allowed to look at any other part of mistress without permission. I will only address mistress as superior, if I make any mistakes during sessions I will be punished severely and will whip myself with a cable wire until mistress is satisfied with my punishment. I understand black slaves are never dressed in session due to our white superiors asking of nothing less. We are slaves and should be treated as slaves at all times. Mistress does not allow black slaves to masturbate in front of her, again punishment is served for touching my genital area. I will serve my mistress on a weekly basis with no excuse, even when not well as the thought of my superior whipping me bloody scares me and I do not want to fail my owner, my owner is above my wife as she is white and her skin is a sign of superiority and we shall obey owners at all times. I am completely submitted to my superior until dismissed from her presence

A black slave who knows his place

Next submissive’s task was a challenge. He had to take a picture of himself chastised near the window. My chastity slave was so exposed, and he did it for Me!! So hot.

Here is what he felt taking the pic:

” Good morning Miss Anna, hope you are well today. I did take a few photos of your chastity device beside some windows as you requested. I have to admit, it did feel embarrassing;)”

And here is the pic:

chastity slave

Slave H was very obedient and started a real slave journal where he started writing his thoughts on being chastised by Me. He already scaned a few pages and sent them to me by mail. Here is the first page of his slave journal:

submissive diary

It was him who also sent me some nice pics he edited for me in order to help me provide content for my femdom blog. So nice of you to help me with this site slave h, that’s why you’re one of my fav slaves. Here are the pics from slave h:

mistress leather

mistress sandals

Special thanks to slave texan for sending me the gift that is going to get me all the sexy pretty things I want from victoria’s. So nice to receive a gift, especially when it’s unexpected!!

financial domination

Slave S is addicted to me:

[02:27] CC/IadoreANN: very hard
[02:27] CC/IadoreANN: i adore You
[02:27] CC/IadoreANN: and miss You terribly when i am away

[02:28] CC/IadoreANN: i am
[02:28] CC/IadoreANN: and when i am with YOU i feel powerful
[02:28] CC/IadoreANN: and luck comes my way at work too
[02:28] CC/IadoreANN: it is so much of a win
[02:28] CC/IadoreANN: and when i am away
[02:28] CC/IadoreANN: things do not go as well Ann

I have turned slave St into a faggot, and here is what he wrote to me:

SlaveSt: you are a beautiful woman
SlaveSt: you are decent and nice
SlaveSt: you are not bitchy
SlaveSt: which i respect
SlaveSt: so for your pleasure, and because what you do turns out to be good for me, i serve you:
SlaveSt: i do that out of respect, not because i am afraid of you or you are nasty to me
SlaveSt : for all the reasons above I choose to serve cock
SlaveSt: i have thought a lot
SlaveSt: i serve you….who asked me to serve cock

Love my submissives, or better said, love to use and drain and make them submit to me, this makes me a happy Mistress. It is things like these that you send that make my day! Keep up the good work! All of you!

Your Miss Anna

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