Great slave moments

I haven’t posted on here yet about the greatest things slaves did for me these weeks. Even if I was offline…away on vacation they served me, tributed Me, and wanted to be close to Me. The ones who spoiled me got attention from Me, even if I was away, which I liked, since every time I am offline I miss the slaves that I owned and all the things we do together. But when I got back things got back to usual, fortunately so everybody got to serve me properly. Here are some of the nicest things they ve done this week.

First…slave ben paid his slave tax again…second time this month

this is how this looks like when I am using team viewer to watch the draining myself:

Another great moment is to have my slave s beg to be ignored. I have made him love the chair more than anything. Isn’t amazing to brainwash somebody into making him do what you tell them to do?

He is so submissive and addicted to me, that he had to tribute Me to pay for watching the chair…and not just any chair…my empty chair. Here is the transfer I made from his bank account directly. How cool is that? Findom kind of cool

financial domination

The second wallet draining:

wallet draining

Another great moment when it comes to draining my slaves, is slave r who asked for the highest price, 20 bucks a minute, how crazy is that? Findom crazy!

financial video chat

All in all I am proud of my slaves. These were just the greatest slave moments, there were many, but these were worth mentioning. Hope you keep up the good work so that I can post here the greatest of the greatest, just the best of my slaves. I am really looking forward to making you the greatest slaves that have ever existed!

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