How to makeup as a Sissy

Being a sissy comes with a lot of perks and at the same time can be a little frustrating especially when it comes to applying makeup and dressing up. Every sissy wishes to achieve a perfect feminine appearance and therefore, are more than willing to spend a lot of their time and resources to achieve that goal.
Let’s face it, when a sissy sees all of these amazing images and videos of celebrity makeup, they can only hope that their efforts will be at least close to such perfection. Sadly, many sissies who are just starting out and wanting to progress to completely passing as a female in the real world always find applying makeup to be a huge challenge for them.
As a mistress who specializes in online domination and fetish role plays, I’ve had several chances of coming across a lot of sissies who are not too happy with their makeup and wish that it could be better. They are mostly at loss as to what makeup product to use and sissy wears to buy and how best to apply the makeup products that they buy.
Though Youtube has been of some help to sissies who want to learn how to properly apply their makeup and clothing, most of the tips and tricks in the videos showcased there provide conflicting instructions and are filled with people saying different things.
Many times I’ve had to deal with questions from sissies like, how can I get a healthy facial skin? What are the best techniques for shaving my beard? What can I use to groom/ wax my brows? What are the best clothing items to wear as a sissy? And so many more.
Well, if you’re one of the sissies who are at crossroads on how to apply makeup and dress more feminine I have some good news for you. I’ve been able to compile some tips and tricks of my own that can help you become better at being a sissy and achieving your dream of becoming more feminine.

Before you even think about applying makeup, it is important that you cleanse your face. Make sure that you have a face wash that does not contain any harsh chemicals (I preffer natural ones) that can irritate your skin. After washing your face, apply a gentle moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying out and to also create a flawless base before you apply your makeup. I prefer the Bobby Brown one.
sissy slut
Use a concealer and beard cover crème that matches with your skin tone to hide dark spots, dark areas, and light beard shadow.
A blending sponge (Beauty blender) is very useful for creating a smooth and flawless application of your concealer, beard shadow, and foundation. Make sure you use it when applying any of those products. You can also use a make up base that will blur your imperfections and make your skin look smooth. (I prefer the Clinique one).
The second most important cosmetic item in the list after the concealer is the full coverage foundation. This product is very useful in hiding pronounced masculine facial features and will greatly help you to achieve a more feminine facial appearance. (I prefer the Estee Lauder one)
For instance you can see how sissy Isabella managed to cover everything so well, the result being a smooth skin
sissy isabella
After applying your foundation, use a setting powder to set your foundation and hold your makeup in place. A high quality setting powder will give you a waterproof barrier for your face and will stop a shine appearing if you have oily skin or sweat a lot. It can last for a minimum of 16 hours and will keep your face looking flawless and fresh. (I prefer Laura Mercier one but Rcma one is inexpensive and almost as good)
make up for sissies
Next, use makeup brushes to make your foundation or eye shadow blend much more seamlessly. I recommend using only high-quality makeup brushes for achieving a flawless makeup. As a beginner you might want to invest in a good blending brush. Apply your eye pencil to line your inner eyelids and if you have a brown pencil you can use it for your brows and even your lips.
To create a visually stunning and flawless eye makeup look, you will need an eyeshadow. This particular makeup product takes a longer time to apply than most and you need to completely master the use of eye brushes before you start to apply them. Nonetheless, they make a great look and can bring out your best feminine looks with some inexpensive neutral eye shadow shades. (I find that nyx and kiko ones do a good job if you are a beginner)
sissy make up
Next is wearing the lipstick. Make sure you go for quality lipsticks that look good but also stay on your lips. Do a nice straight contour on your lips, fill it up with the lipstick and make sure that it doesn’t smudge. You might want to try lip stains as a beginer (sephora ones are good)

Some other essentials you should remember to use are the bronzer, blusher, powder to set everything up and your mascara.
sissy make up

Also remember to put on a wig, stockings, high heels, a dress, bra and panties, matching ones to complete your sissy look.
I recommend starting with pink panties, which are a basic in any sissy’s wardrobe.
panties for sissy

You can never fail looking slutty when you are wearing pink lingerie. You can also add a pink bra, preferably a silky one so it looks and feels good on your freshly shaved skin.
sissy lingerie
In the following picture you will see sissy isabella wearing her pink panties and black stockings for a complete sissy look:
sissy isabella

Tips and Tricks
If you decide to add poppers also to your “sissy kit” you will make the best of your feminized experience, as they will get you in a very special slutty state, and more willing to get really wild for your mistress. Below are sissy isabella’s poppers collection

For best results, wear matching lips with what you’re wearing, or put on nail polish to match your lips, most sissies love nail polish too. Pink is my favorite and is also the best color for sissies. I recommend you go for pink lipstick, pink panties, even pink earrings, etc. When it comes to nail polish it is better you start with pink and then try other colors once you master the neutrals which are easier to apply. Then you can also go for red, purple, or other stronger colors.

You can also add some perfume to finish off your look and smell like a princess. My favorite perfume is Chanel Chance. I prefer floral, fresh fragrances to over powering oriental ones. For sissies I recommend sweet girly fragrances, I think you should try Victoria’s secret ones which are feminine and not too strong. They are suitable for someone curious to try something new and girly and feel very pampered while wearing them.
perfumes for sissies

In order to become better at applying these makeup products, you should practice in the mirror every day until you start liking what you see. It might take a while before you get the looks you’ve always dreamed of but with consistent practice, you will become better at it.

This was all I could think of now but I really hope you will use the advice on here, or at least that you’ve been inspired to try something new or to keep up the sissy training so you can be better at this.

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