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As you can see I started posting more here, since I realized I should do it more often. You have been asking me about this, if I read your mail and if it’s good to be posted here, so here I am doing it. I received this from a chastity slave, one of a few of my slaves that are in chastity. He decided he could share a bit of his moments “in prison” just like he always describes it when he desperately tries to convince me to unlock him. But no, I am never convinced, he will stay chastised. I don’t know for how long. Maybe forever?

chastity device

But after so much begging to be unlocked, one day, I think he finally accepted his fate and said that he never felt more owned than being trapped in this chastity device. I can remember when we first chatted, I had to make him wear the device (it wasn’t his first time)  so as to turn him into a more obedient slave. I’ve come across several submissives that became much more disciplined  after undergoing this experience. Chastity slaves know that they are at my mercy and they have to be very good boys to get unlocked…from that prison-like device. So very good behavior is the best thing that comes out of the chastity training. Also it is something that is part of the tease and denial thing I so much like. I know it may sound cruel to most men but you never know what it’s like until you try it. For me it’s definitely a way of control and of showing my supremacy over submissives, one of the many ways of having them on their knees and under my high heels where they admit their weakness and submission.  Femdom kind of fun.

But getting back to my chastity slave, here is what he wrote:

“Thank you, Miss Anna, for the opportunity that you have given me, I am so happy to have met you. It is scary to imagine what I would have gone through if I hadn’t found you. You have made me feel more myself since you chastised me and I truly feel owned by  you now that I am locked. 

Every one of your instructions has worked and I couldn’t help but write this to you, hoping you will share this with your other slaves.  The chastity experience has changed everything about how I view bdsm relationships. I remember that first time when you locked me you told me I could stay chastised for a whole month and I didn’t believe you, then you guided me all along, and I could do it. I really hope this time I can stay locked for longer.  And that’s because I want to please you. Everything about you is extraordinary. I keep thinking about the way you would tease me and make me surrender to you, it was just like yesterday.

Your idea of making me wear a chastity device introduced me to a whole new level of sexual maturity that I never knew existed in me. I had always been very hungry and unsatisfied when it came to sexual experiences and trying everything new out, never thought someone could tame this about me. Tease and denial has always been a favourite fantasy of mine, knowing that my mistress had control over me and could deny me at any time, that aroused me even more. Tease and denial was one of my favorite moments with you Miss Anna. I have actually relived that experience in my head over and over again and I can’t wait for that kind of session with you, even if you put me in  chastity. Your control over me now is greater than ever before.

Being totally under your control and having to get trapped in the prison-like device had me going crazy. I felt so helpless, yet so happy to please you. My mind was running wild, I could feel the blood rushing through my body, my palms were sweaty and my feet was shaking. 

Many times I would beg you, Miss Anna, to let me go, but you knew you needed to make me submit to you completely. I couldn’t believe you were able to exert so much control over me even though we were far apart. You are a goddess in a human form totally deserving to be worshiped, a true reflection of a dominatrix and I admire the way you carry out your passion so effortlessly.

My longing for you grows stronger each passing second. I felt the chastity device biting harder I knew that you had me trapped. You would instruct me on what to do and what not to do, I couldn’t help but obediently oblige. I tried desperately to be good, to behave and not touch myself or do anything sexual but it was all a pointless struggle.

You were all up in my head and I was enjoying every moment of it even though it made me feel uncomfortable and frustrated. I knew that you had wicked intentions because you kept reassuring me every step of the way, even if I was going crazy. It seemed that my frustration turned you on even more, and that made me feel better, making me hanging on in the chastity device that seemed to take away my manhood.  There were instances where I wanted to take the cage off but somehow, you knew my intentions and instructed me to keep going, telling me how pleased you were with my good behavior.

You were so convincing, and I couldn’t help but give in to your demands. I did anything to please you and enjoyed the feeling of worshiping you. Now I fully understand why you insisted that I stayed chastised, and it was so that I would be totally submissive to you.

From that point, I knew there was no going back for me, or could it be I didn’t know anything at all? The truth was, there was nothing else I wanted in that moment than to please you Miss Anna and I enjoyed every bit of the experience. I don’t deserve anything without your permission and I want to always remain as your loyal and submissive chastity slave.”

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