Lady Boss

As a proud lady boss, I enjoy it so much to train all of my submissives to become loyal and to remain faithful to me and me alone. They forget about everything else when they’re with me because I make them feel owned and controlled. I always make sure that they fully serve me according to my mood and desire, and what happens is that somehow I make them want to come back for more.
It is just like I wrote earlier in one my previous posts where some submissives freaked out thinking they could resist serving me only to come back later after they realize that they cannot live without their master.
I recently received a mail from a submissive who was going through the exact same situation. He admitted he couldn’t make up his mind whether to continue under my control or not, and felt that I was making him less of himself and so he wanted to “break away” but he soon realised that his desire to be controlled was far greater than the urge to let go. After a few days of intense struggle with himself, he couldn’t help but return and surrender to me… this time for good he says.
Here is what he wrote:
“My love for Miss Anna knows no bounds, it is like a burning flame that keeps me safe and warm from the freezing cold. I have never felt more alive than when in the company of Miss Anna. She is the only dominatrix that truly understands me and I feel like I’ve known her forever. I’ve been around a couple femdom sites in search of a true dominatrix that can satisfy my wishes of being controlled and she has surpassed them all in every aspect.
Miss Anna is one lady boss that I would describe as the perfect mistress. She has all the features and characteristic of a real lady boss, and she is exceedingly good at what she does – a true master of her craft.

Her beauty is breathtaking, she possesses a fierce gaze, a perfect body, and a bossy disposition to go with. Her gaze pierced deeply into my soul, blending so perfectly well with her domineering and bossy nature – exactly what I was looking for in a dominatrix. Her eyes alone can dominate and own me, that’s the power they have on me. dominatrix

Over the course of our time together, I have come to realise that not only is Miss Anna a goddess in human form but she also has an alluring charisma and a mind-blowing level of intelligence – you could immediately sense it from the expert finesse in her choice of words and the passion embedded in her profile descriptions. She is the perfect example of a lady boss, an embodiment of flawless beauty and an elegant dominatrix deserving to be worshipped. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She dresses formal yet classy and sexy at the same time. She also knows how to use her good looks to tease men into getting what she wants. And there’s no point in mentioning her mesmerising long and silky legs that have tormented me from the beginning.

After browsing through Miss Anna’s pictures, and reading her profile I immediately knew there was something unique about Her. Maybe it was just me being so weak at the time but I actually felt myself longing to chat with her – for me, it was much more than a yearning to satisfy my fetish wishes, it was a personal decision that I couldn’t say no to Her.
I first sent her a message,and waited for a reply from her, patiently, knowing she might never write back, yet she did. I was already familiar with the procedures of kicking off a convo with an online mistress so it wasn’t a timid experience for me, it was rather one fuelled by curiosity and a longing to unravel the mystery behind this exceptional being that is Miss Anna.
We got to chatting and things heated up really quick. Before I knew it, she had me spilling out all of my kinky fetish wishes to her. I have to admit, that first session was a truly liberating experience for me – never had an online dominatrix possessed me to express myself so much, especially at the first ever encounter.

I watched helplessly as she led me into her trap – it was an exhilarating feeling being controlled by her, I couldn’t have wanted more. I may not have the most attractive physical features but Miss Anna took a special interest in me and I got all what I ever wanted for just being her submissive. I thought I could get away from her, I tried, but came back to her in a few days…Because there is no better place to be than with Miss Anna. And when I can’t have a chat with her I spend hours looking at her profile, pictures and I recall and worship every moment I’ve spent with her. She is my Owner”

I really loved my new submissive’s description of our time together, and when I read the email subject: Lady Boss I immediately liked it, I knew it was going to be good, as the words describe me so well, I’ve heard it too many times. Anyway, I’m waiting for more messages from you, reviews of our time together, stories, fantasies, and the best ones get to be posted here on my blog. Until then, catch me online as I am going to be hosting the next few days!

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