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I know I haven’t posted on here in a long time and in case you’ve been asking what’s new with me, here is a new post. Only the post is new, since my life is almost the same… It seems the same, but the places I visit are new, the things I shop for are new.
So… where should I start? Well…during the winter time I like to take it easy, I like to get a lot of massages, to go to spas.


What I also like to do during winter time is to take advantage of the winter sales and shop. My favourite thing, but you know that already. There’s something about the way a beautiful woman looks when she is well dressed, it makes her even more desirable and irresistible, and that’s what I aim for… to be simply irresistible!!


So like I said, so far nothing new!

One thing is new though….I’ve been nominated as the Best Fetish Model& website at the Liwe cam awards! For me it is great great news. I know it’s not that I have won you’ll say, it’s just a nomination…Yes but it still means my activity in this particular online field is being recognised.

For those who haven’t followed me for long time, I need to tell you I have spent quite some time and energy in this domain which I like and understand but it still is a time investment from my part, which is now being recognised!!
And that makes me very happy, being nominated. Which brings me to this: it would mean a lot to me if you could vote for me here
That will increase my chances to win and you know what that means?? It would make me really really happy!! And you do say this a lot…how you like to please me and make me happy. Now here is your chance to do that. Stay updated on my twitter @mistressnylons as I post there more often. You can tweet back and stay in touch with me. See you soon…and vote for me 🙂

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