Meet sissy jenna

Sissy jenna is one of my newest sissies. I have turned him into a sissy, just after I started looking deep into his eyes, getting him so weak for me, as weak as he has never been before in his life time.


He accepted to get intoxicated for me, obeying my every word. He started drinking for me, like a good boy, then he started drinking more and more, until he completely got weak, he became mine, my property. To this moment, he is mine, he belongs to me, I can’t say otherwise. He has proven so.

His computer is in my hands, I used his accounts, including pp. I used his pc so I do with my own hands what he should have done with his, that is tribute Me.

He was forced to obey Me, so he had no choice and let my hands to the work on his pc. I made him a woman, I turned him into a slut and I intend to keep it that way as long as I feel to. He is afraid he is going to lose me, as he wants me to be mine forever. He said I changed his life, and I believe him, since his wife is one step from getting a divorce. He is nearly broke, and I like it. Because it’s all for ME. As it should be.

I don’t normally write so much about my slaves/submissives, as they usually do that for me. But this time, sissy jenna deserved her own post here on my blog. She has worked hard for it, like the sissy slut that she is. She got intoxicated, sissified, feminized, and most of all drained. First time we met she spent almost 1 hour 14 hours in my chat! She also got asleep a few times, but she didn’t leave Me, I must credit him- he IS persistent. Then she started visiting Me more and more often. Look at her statistics on her spending on Me:

financial domination

Impressive right? And they are just some of them, to perfectly fit here on the blog.

Now look at her tributes she has sent Me:


There is a lot to say about sissy jenna, but I will just mention one thing: she is similar to Me, in the way that she wants to improve, she wants to stand out, she wants to be better in what she does. If I want to be the best Mistress, then she wants to be the best sissy, so we complete each other so well. She has the potential to be a better sissy and a better submissive and I hope I will train her well. I love challenges, I love good submissive material that I can turn into a good good (sissy) slave. The reason I made her own post on the blog is to let her know she did good, she stood out from the crowd and I was proud of her. She also helped me break the record…14 hours of online chatting. Next time I want her in my video chat for 24 hours!

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