Model of the month

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting a lot on here, but last month has been pretty busy for me with all the photo shoots, travelling…and an ifriends award. Last month I was model of the month on ifriends, and one of my good submissives told me that he thought I already was that every month. How sweet! I told him I couldn’t have been, since I was Mistress of the month all the time hehe.
model of the month

It’s hard to divide your attention, but receiving this award was pretty nice. And that kept me even busier online, which was nice. I then had to take some time away to recharge my batteries. I now got back home energised and happy to find so many of you missing me and so eager to welcome me back!

model of the month

I was also really surprised of how many of you congratulated me on my award, telling me that I deserved it. And most of you have known me for years, you know the online hours I’ve put in and the dedication, so it is nice to see your support. For those of you that didn’t read my interview yet, you can read it here


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