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As I am sure you might have noticed, I came back online these days. I have been away for the last 2 weeks, doing a bit of traveling, and attending an event that gathered the online video chat community.
mistress nylons

For me it was the second event of this kind, and again it was a pleasant surprise to meet so many nice people at the Bucharest Summit. Some of them I had already met, some were new, but all were cool people. I learned that I like these kind of events for all the socialising done among open minded people. Because being in this community is an open minded thing to do, and going out and expressing yourself as you are is an even more open minded thing to do.
b summit

Being an online model is an eccentric thing, I learned this all these years. It is a bold thing to go online and express yourself -just be who you really are, in my case a dominant, a Mistress. Expressing the Goddess inside me every day that I am online, and teaching my submissives to embrace their sexuality freely, to expose their feminine nature. I mean if it’s inside them, why not let it out and be free, be who you are?


So going back to the events I attended. There were lots of seminars where experienced chat hosts had discussions with the beginners ones.

chathost training

Then the seminars were followed by a very nice dinner gathering all the people in a very tasteful restaurant on the 18 th floor with a beautiful view of the city.

There were lots of nice, kinky conversations by the pool, speeches in front of crowds, limousines, drinks, parties. Speaking of parties, there was one I enjoyed the most: the fetish party.
kinky outfits

I really loved a dancer’s show … poll dancing on really high heels. I found it hot and immediately thought of how my sissies would have loved to watch that and learn from it haha


And then there was the awards gala held at a beautiful palace that made me feel really special for being there in that princess like atmosphere.

There was a fire show, and all was followed by a party in a nice club, lots of music, dancing, drinks and everything nice. My favourite was still the fetish party the previous day, but this one was hot too. This was the party celebrating the birth of a new amazing event in the videochat industry. I really hope next time will be as fun as this one.To sum it all up in a word: Beautiful. So now you know why I was away all this time 🙂

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