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My well behaved slaves

Posted by Miss Ann in Financial domination

Hi my slaves, just got back from my vacation, which was amazing, nice places to visit, a lot of relaxing, tanning, shopping, fine dining, desert safari, and all the great things you can do to relax while away.

The nicest thing on vacation was seeing just how loyal my slaves are. For instance slave ben was supposed to send me his slave tax that he sends every 2 weeks, so he sent me this nice message to tell me he placed the slave tax at my feet…how sweet!

And when I checked my email there was his slave tax:

Slave ben really did well, serving Me all this time and now sending Me the slave tax without waiting for anything in return. But I was nice to him, since I thought what he did was good, and sent him a reward!

When I checked my mail there was another surprise for me, another slave of Mine (josh), who messed up big time last week, tried to make it up to Me and sent Me a nice tribute:

I’m impressed! My slaves do know how to behave! (Btw you’re accepted back as my slave, josh, good job on the tribute)

I love the feeling of being away on vacation and being spoiled like that. By the way, tomorrow I am leaving on holiday again, so be good. I was close to breaking a record, 3 vacations in a month…but I guess it’s more than a month. I ve had 3 vacations in the last month and a half. Yay! Don’t miss Me too much, or if you do check my twitter or…just spoil Me!

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