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Love sissy Rose’s new lingerie:

I find her such a sexy sissy, don’t you? …(READ MORE)

Wondering what’s new with me? I am back home from my vacations

so I am online chatting with you

…chatting with ALL of you. I was so happy to see that you ALL missed me, as I had such a warm welcome from All of you. Thank you my sub missives for being so loyal: …(READ MORE)

I have ever seen!
Here it is:

It’s so small isn’t it?!! Wooow I still can’t believe how small it is. Can’t wait to show it to my gf’s they’ll have a good laugh too. HAHAHAHA I still can’t get over just how small it is. OMG!! So tiny!!

Today was a good day, I spent it at the spa, so I am very relaxed, then one of my pay piggies messaged me in order to pay his weekly tribute, then another one asked to be drained. I got into his bank and withdrew 300 euros. Then I went online and spent amazing time with one of my favorite submissives. The day got even better when slave ben, one of the best slaves I got to train and discipline (must confess chastity helped a lot) told me that he has sent me a gift card. There it is:

Ben has sent me e-gifts before…but he had made mistakes and wanted to make it up for those

but this time it was so lovely of him that he sent me this gift knowing I am going to Paris and he just wanted to be nice 🙂 Isn’t that sweet of him …(READ MORE)

As some of you asked to know me better, here is more about ME:

-things in my bag that I love:

-favorite things in my closet:


Thought of posting a quick update on my sissies and chastity slaves:

Sissy Daisy is doing good, dressing up and modeling for me, as he knows best:

Sissy Rose has new pink bra and…

she is so slutty and likes to bend over:

Sissy/chastity slave ben has been taking pics out in public like I asked him to:

I have been away for a while traveling to nice places. As you probably know I love to travel and I spend a lot of time exploring new places. But I always come back home

and always return online to my submissives

especially when they’re patiently waiting for me in their chastity

Here is slave ben’s latest letter to me. I still haven’t decided to set him free out of MY chastity:
“Hello as I kneel and kiss your beautiful feet Miss Anna my owner,

I have been holding off this letter trying to cope with being in chastity to you but I can hide the fact that you own me entirely Miss Anna. I have worshiped you yesterday, today and forever! Being locked down in chastity for so long by you I now know what my true purpose in life is finally, that is to SERVE YOU Miss Anna. For the past week I have been thinking of ways to put my new life into words, I came up with many thoughts. One is that you control me, secondly you own me, and last is I will always belong to you Miss Anna.

Sitting here writing this letter of submission I gaze upon my locked cock that is now what I consider your property, I have a deep, sudden feeling of just whimpering in tears that I want to masturbate but I know this is no longer allowed without your permission and approval Miss Anna. I consider myself very fortunate on the other hand that chastity is a small price to pay to be allowed in your presence and to be able to be considered your chastity slave. You have the most exquisite feet and toned legs and body that is a true privilege to worship. …(READ MORE)

Been away for a while, just enjoying the freedom life has to offer. But my slaves are not free, why should they be?

As you can see he likes to use his chastity to hang my heels there, that makes his chastity the perfect shoe rack he says.


His name is slut marky, but how can I call him? I’ll call him mary, he deserves it. Wanna know why? Well he is so so slutty wearing make up, panties, you need to see:

Love his bra in this pic, so suitable for Xmas time of the year:

I Told him to bend over and look at him how slutty he is:

How cute is he, putting lipstick on?

This slut! Licking his upper lip, and the funny thing is he thinks he’s sexy!!! LOL …(READ MORE)

As the title says, this is my ATM slave…my financial submissive that I am blogging about here. Had to write about this, because it is worth mentioning. I wanted to break his record of being drained, and I did, not as I had wanted to, but I’s still proud of what he did for me. As a bonus I am posting his pictures here, one picture for every tribute he has sent me the other day.
So picture number 1:

Picture number 2 for tribute number 2 …(READ MORE)

Just got a new gift from one of my loyal submissives and I simply love it!!

I just love being spoiled!!

My financial slave is PAYING a tax to be on my blog right now. I took a few pictures and he paid a 50 bucks tax for each, plus a extra VIP tax

This was amazing, draining him, watching him suffer for me then having him waiting patiently and even paying for having his pics posted on here. Now this is what I call a good slave 😉

Wondering whats happening in my chatroom but haven’t got the guts to check for yourself?


Here is my latest poppers addict, had to expose him too:


First update is on slave marky, my super submissive slave who loves to please me. He put on a nice sex of red panties that he bought upon my request. Then what he did was entertaining me, being over, fucking his ass with a toothbrush that he first licked. Here are the pics:


This is one of my newest slaves, as you can see he is such a pain slut, he really took a lot of pain for me.