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Here is my latest poppers addict, had to expose him too:


First update is on slave marky, my super submissive slave who loves to please me. He put on a nice sex of red panties that he bought upon my request. Then what he did was entertaining me, being over, fucking his ass with a toothbrush that he first licked. Here are the pics:


This is one of my newest slaves, as you can see he is such a pain slut, he really took a lot of pain for me.


Want to know what’s new?
Here are a few of the things that happened lately in Miss Anna’s chats:
slave marky stoke his friend’s panties and tried them on for me haha. Here he is caught in the act:

Have you ever tried on stolen panties? Slave marky did and then posed for me like a sexy slut:

What else is new? I got a present for my bday, and that’s a nice gift certificate from my loyal slave herb. Thnnk you slave herb!!

What else deserves to be mentioned? My Gf my gf, love my gf!! Erika and I will be hosting a session soon, so you’ll get the chance to watch us both teasing, denying, instructing you, in a few words driving you crazy. You all said you loved my eyes, my legs and everything, so how about we double that?? Who can resist? Well I can’t resist her and she can’t resist me either. What about you?

Lick our heels! Both pairs! I know you love it… So double pleasure for you …(READ MORE)

I am the luckiest girl in the world today I received a nice gift from slave danny who loves to spoil me.

I am so so happy!!

Thank you danny, even if I know you’re the one happy to spoil me 🙂

Can’t wait to get in the shower, going now ;;)

This is a post dedicated to a few of my subs who have sent me things upon request. My negro slave sent me a letter to share with all of you his obedience to Me. Here it is:

I am a negro and goddess Annes slave, I am under the control of mistress at all times and only address mistress on my knees hands behind my back head on floor. As black slaves should, I am here only to service goddesses feet as I am not allowed to look at any other part of mistress without permission. I will only address mistress as superior, if I make any mistakes during sessions I will be punished severely and will whip myself with a cable wire until mistress is satisfied with my punishment. I understand black slaves are never dressed in session due to our white superiors asking of nothing less. We are slaves and should be treated as slaves at all times. Mistress does not allow black slaves to masturbate in front of her, again punishment is served for touching my genital area. I will serve my mistress on a weekly basis with no excuse, even when not well as the thought of my superior whipping me bloody scares me and I do not want to fail my owner, my owner is above my wife as she is white and her skin is a sign of superiority and we shall obey owners at all times. I am completely submitted to my superior until dismissed from her presence

A negro slave who knows his place

Next submissive’s task was a challenge. He had to take a picture of himself chastised near the window. My chastity slave was so exposed, and he did it for Me!! So hot.

Here is what he felt taking the pic:

” Good morning Miss Anna, hope you are well today. I did take a few photos of your chastity device beside some windows as you requested. I have to admit, it did feel embarrassing;)”

And here is the pic:

Slave H was very obedient and started a real slave journal where he started writing his thoughts on being chastised by Me. He already scaned a few pages and sent them to me by mail. Here is the first page of his slave journal:


So I’m back from Paris and I needed to blog about this.
My impressions from vacation are:

The best croissants? You can find then in Paris!

Best shopping? Definitely Paris !

Greatest places to see. You already know.


I am daring you to be exposed, to get out of your comfort zone and be exposed here on my blog! Just like 2 of my subs did today.
1 Slave r. I had to have him pay the maximum price and also warned him I was going to expose the chat here, which I did:


…and after

Really nice isn’t it? Good job, slave r. Can’t wait to use your wallet again!

And now slave c. addicted to poppers, need to expose him too:

I want to expose all of you, so get ready!!

And this week’s awards go to:

-slave ben for taking off chastity and “doing his toilette” (grooming) for me on cam, it was really fun, I will have to write more about that later.

-slave dave for admitting his addiction to me, I had to take pics of him:

-sexy maid -for her new blonde wig, looked great on her:

-slave D. for his live performance, I watched him fuck his rubber doll and God did I enjoy that!! Best show I’ve watched lately! I even took a video of him doing that, definitely have to look for it soon and post it on here!

-sissy anonymous – who went out dressed in a sexy outfit, wow that was risky and fun to watch, loved it!!

-all the slaves who showered me with tributes and gifts:


Wondering what’s new with your favorite Mistress?
First of all a lot of fun.Love to have fun wherever I go, whether it’s offline or online, it has to be fun. Online, the last few days, I’ve been dealing with lots and lost team viewer activity.

Love messing with your pc’s, and here is what happened to slave D after he turned off his pc:

“Hello Mistress,

Thank you for the surprise, I have to admit that I was a little scared at first sight when I saw this black screen I’ve never seen before telling me that my system was broken…
Hopefully, I tried the other option when system start, and everything looks good now, except that I need to select the right option each time I start my system.

Do you plan to fix it ? or do you plan to make me spend more time to log on my computer ?


I love messing with your cocks too, especially putting them in chastity, then forgetting to unlock you, which happened to slave ben…

He keeps sending me notes to convince me to be set him free out of chastity:

” Good evening Miss Anna,

I would just like to mention first off what an honor and privilege it is being a slave whom you allow to suffer and endure your chastity treatment Miss Anna. The realization has really set in now that this your penis and a release will only ever come with your gracious permission and approval. I fully do accept this fact. Proceeding on Miss Anna, you also own my mind, heart, soul, and I will always view you as my superior. I truly worship the ground your beautiful feet walk on.

In the last previous days I have been constantly leaking sad tears from your locked up penis, with balls this full it doesn’t have anywhere else to go I assume. Mentally, the state of frustration is just unbearable these days Miss Anna. With that mentioned I completely surrender to you Miss Anna, I’m completely at your mercy and control. With your approval and permission Miss Anna, may I plead at your feet for just a day of unlocking please? I promise it will go right back on in its place. It has my testicles gripped so tightly the one piece cuff ring feels as if it will be painful coming off if you should so rightfully grant this permission.

I worship your stunning beauty and dominance Miss Anna.

Thank you Miss Anna,

But the letter didn’t convince me, and although he has been locked for almost 7 weeks, that did not convince me either, so I kept him locked for 2 more weeks. And after lots and lots of begging, now he sent me another email asking me to be released:

“Greetings and a kiss to your feet Miss Anna,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend Miss Anna. I must say although completely frustrated I am so honored and priveledged to kneel at your feet as your owned chastity slave. With this said, I’ve come to realize that you will always be my owner and I want to only dedicate everything in my heart to your comfort and always show my direct obedience and submission to you. This includes anything with a snap of your fingers and command Miss Anna. As your slave I will clean your house, run your errands, massage your feet, and any other chore assigned by you. Being in your chastity device for so long has taught me that you will always come first and foremost in my life.

In my full lock up duration Miss Anna you have never been out of my mind and thoughts for any more than an hour at a time, You are the full focus and priority of my life now. If given an opportunity for release Miss Anna I will gratefully show my true respect and submission as your slave by doing whatever task you order me to do for you. You own my heart, mind, and soul now.

I do understand that this is now your penis Miss Anna. Any type of gratification comes only with your consent and permission.

Thank you Miss Anna,
Your chastity slave Ben”

Oh and I also want to mention slave stef for coming back to serve me. He began to spend on me, and he is making progress working his way up on my financial piggies list.

Right now slave benny is at the top of the list, and he worked hard for it I must say, with all the video chats, tributes and presents he’s the best so far!!!

But who knows, anything can happen. I want you all to work hard to get on top, because there’s a reward for the first one!! …(READ MORE)

Wondering what’s new? New video. Enjoy! Turn on your speakers and pump up the volume, song is for you!!!

My sexy sissy Sophia danced for me last weekend, I loved to watch her dance for me, she dances like no other haha. Tell me if you agree:

Slave herb surprised me nicely again last week with his mail, and although it was his birthday last week and he begged to be released from chastity at least for a day, I could not do it. Chastity must stay on!!!

Happy bday though!

Here is slave ben’s chastity report. He’s been chastised for lmost 3 weeks and he begs to be released, but no way! I told him there are at least 3 more weeks to come for him in chastity, although I know I am planning to have him locked for much longer than that. Now here’s the report:

“First I would just like to say how I worship the ground you walk on Miss Anna. I could never have been anymore fortunate to be selected as a locked loyal chastity slave that exist in your presence. Mentally I get very frustrated at times being locked in your device but this is becoming just a normal way of life for me anymore. Every tingle, twitch and irritability I feel in it is a constant reminder of who owns me.

I’m swollen so much anymore I don’t even know if the ring/cuff will even come off without a release. You are constantly on my mind anymore Miss Anna. The past few mornings I have been waking up and even in daily life activities have noticed I am dribbling and leaking constantly anymore. Hoping with permission someday you will unlock my sorry pathetic excuse for a dicklet someday soon. I’m slowing reaching my breaking Point of total submission to your superiority Miss.

With your experience at controlling chastity slaves I am completely at your mercy. Hoping your friends are enjoying the pathetic locked penis photos you have of me.

Chastity slave Ben”

Always love it when my submissives surprise me with nice little things, I like to call them tributes. And today here is what I received in my email address, I love it I love it I love it when my submissives advertise for me and surprise me like this. Thank you slave massi! So lovely, makes me think of my next vacation:

Keep advertising my site, slave massi, love it!!!

Another week gone, here is what happened this week:

slave addiction

puppy domination

financial slavery

cock control

chastity control