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Wondering what’s new with your favorite Mistress?
First of all a lot of fun.Love to have fun wherever I go, whether it’s offline or online, it has to be fun. Online, the last few days, I’ve been dealing with lots and lost team viewer activity.

control pc

Love messing with your pc’s, and here is what happened to slave D after he turned off his pc:

“Hello Mistress,

Thank you for the surprise, I have to admit that I was a little scared at first sight when I saw this black screen I’ve never seen before telling me that my system was broken…
Hopefully, I tried the other option when system start, and everything looks good now, except that I need to select the right option each time I start my system.

Do you plan to fix it ? or do you plan to make me spend more time to log on my computer ?


I love messing with your cocks too, especially putting them in chastity, then forgetting to unlock you, which happened to slave ben…

chastity slave

He keeps sending me notes to convince me to be set him free out of chastity:

” Good evening Miss Anna,

I would just like to mention first off what an honor and privilege it is being a slave whom you allow to suffer and endure your chastity treatment Miss Anna. The realization has really set in now that this your penis and a release will only ever come with your gracious permission and approval. I fully do accept this fact. Proceeding on Miss Anna, you also own my mind, heart, soul, and I will always view you as my superior. I truly worship the ground your beautiful feet walk on.

In the last previous days I have been constantly leaking sad tears from your locked up penis, with balls this full it doesn’t have anywhere else to go I assume. Mentally, the state of frustration is just unbearable these days Miss Anna. With that mentioned I completely surrender to you Miss Anna, I’m completely at your mercy and control. With your approval and permission Miss Anna, may I plead at your feet for just a day of unlocking please? I promise it will go right back on in its place. It has my testicles gripped so tightly the one piece cuff ring feels as if it will be painful coming off if you should so rightfully grant this permission.

I worship your stunning beauty and dominance Miss Anna.

Thank you Miss Anna,

chastity slave

But the letter didn’t convince me, and although he has been locked for almost 7 weeks, that did not convince me either, so I kept him locked for 2 more weeks. And after lots and lots of begging, now he sent me another email asking me to be released:

“Greetings and a kiss to your feet Miss Anna,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend Miss Anna. I must say although completely frustrated I am so honored and priveledged to kneel at your feet as your owned chastity slave. With this said, I’ve come to realize that you will always be my owner and I want to only dedicate everything in my heart to your comfort and always show my direct obedience and submission to you. This includes anything with a snap of your fingers and command Miss Anna. As your slave I will clean your house, run your errands, massage your feet, and any other chore assigned by you. Being in your chastity device for so long has taught me that you will always come first and foremost in my life.

In my full lock up duration Miss Anna you have never been out of my mind and thoughts for any more than an hour at a time, You are the full focus and priority of my life now. If given an opportunity for release Miss Anna I will gratefully show my true respect and submission as your slave by doing whatever task you order me to do for you. You own my heart, mind, and soul now.

I do understand that this is now your penis Miss Anna. Any type of gratification comes only with your consent and permission.

Thank you Miss Anna,
Your chastity slave Ben”

Oh and I also want to mention slave stef for coming back to serve me. He began to spend on me, and he is making progress working his way up on my financial piggies list.

Right now slave benny is at the top of the list, and he worked hard for it I must say, with all the video chats, tributes and presents he’s the best so far!!!

Miss Anna's

But who knows, anything can happen. I want you all to work hard to get on top, because there’s a reward for the first one!! …(READ MORE)

Wondering what’s new? New video. Enjoy! Turn on your speakers and pump up the volume, song is for you!!!

My sexy sissy Sophia danced for me last weekend, I loved to watch her dance for me, she dances like no other haha. Tell me if you agree:

goddess Anna
Slave herb surprised me nicely again last week with his mail, and although it was his birthday last week and he begged to be released from chastity at least for a day, I could not do it. Chastity must stay on!!!

goddess anna

Happy bday though!

mistress nylons

chastised slave

Here is slave ben’s chastity report. He’s been chastised for lmost 3 weeks and he begs to be released, but no way! I told him there are at least 3 more weeks to come for him in chastity, although I know I am planning to have him locked for much longer than that. Now here’s the report:

chastity slave

“First I would just like to say how I worship the ground you walk on Miss Anna. I could never have been anymore fortunate to be selected as a locked loyal chastity slave that exist in your presence. Mentally I get very frustrated at times being locked in your device but this is becoming just a normal way of life for me anymore. Every tingle, twitch and irritability I feel in it is a constant reminder of who owns me.

I’m swollen so much anymore I don’t even know if the ring/cuff will even come off without a release. You are constantly on my mind anymore Miss Anna. The past few mornings I have been waking up and even in daily life activities have noticed I am dribbling and leaking constantly anymore. Hoping with permission someday you will unlock my sorry pathetic excuse for a dicklet someday soon. I’m slowing reaching my breaking Point of total submission to your superiority Miss.

With your experience at controlling chastity slaves I am completely at your mercy. Hoping your friends are enjoying the pathetic locked penis photos you have of me.

Chastity slave Ben”
chastity slave …(READ MORE)

Always love it when my submissives surprise me with nice little things, I like to call them tributes. And today here is what I received in my email address, I love it I love it I love it when my submissives advertise for me and surprise me like this. Thank you slave massi! So lovely, makes me think of my next vacation:


Keep advertising my site, slave massi, love it!!!

Goddess Anna

Another week gone, here is what happened this week:

slave addiction


puppy domination

financial domination

financial slavery

financial slavery

cock control
cock cocntrol

chastity control

chastity slave


presents from slaves

Newest presents from you guys. Big thanks. I know I shouldn’t thank you but I just want to encourage you, my puppies, to keep tributing and send gifts! I just love it!!

financial slaves

I love the purse, the earrings not to mention the ipad, the perfume… but the most I love the cash. Thank you slave billy. I’m already thinking of a new vacation, since you already sent me the purse I wanted, my puppy, and I could not be prouder of you. As a reward you may take off your chastity this week! Oh yes this is such good news I know 🙂 This is what happens when you’re good!

gifts from slaves

Love my presents and love my puppies…when they behave like this. I simply love being spoiled and that is why I added more things I love to my wish list

Miss AnnaI received this report from My good slave herb, and I was surprised, because it’s even better than the first, maybe his skills have improved, but the way he writes says a lot about how he completed the task that I told him. He put a lot of effort into writing it and I tend to believe he put as much effort into putting on his collar, his slave hood, prisoner transport cuffs -and I would have advised for a gag too -maybe next time? For some reason I like the idea that my slaves punishment can be extreme especially when gagged and nothing will be heard. But I am very proud of slave herb’s accomplishment of staying knelt in the dark, for four hours this time!! Good job herb. And now his report:

A second Task for Goddess

It was with great anticipation and trepidation that i agreed to complete the second task that Goddess commanded. It is a privilege serving Goddess. She is the manifestation of beauty, intelligence and humanity. i greatly enjoy the time that we are able to chat and it is my most sincere desire to please Her in every way that i am able.

The second task was to double the time duration of the first. In other words, Goddess commanded me to kneel naked in a corner for four hours. i eagerly agreed and undertook this assignment with the expectation of making Her smile.

She has commanded that i stay locked in chastity for the next nine and one/half months. i loved being under Her control, but wish She physically held the key. Yes, it is a huge test of faith holding one’s own key because in a minute one could free himself, however, having the key held is more symbolic of slavery and even if one had the choice, he couldn’t exercise that choice to free. Also, by not physically having the key, it makes me more of Your prisoner, and i love that thought.

i brought the same implements for this task – the collar, slave hood, prisoner transport cuffs (ankle and wrists connected). This time though, i made one minor adjustment – i drilled an “O” ring into the wall to provide security, and then when i was collared and hooded, i locked a small chain to the O rings on the wall and collar forcing me to kneel with head bowed in reverence to Goddess. i then locked the ankle and wrist cuffs and physically i was Your prisoner once again and obeying Your desire for me to kneel in reverence to You.

Finally, it was time. i shackled my ankles together and then gagged myself. i put the leather slave hood on, attached the collar and then locked the four locks and carefully put the keys at a place where i could reach when it was time to free myself. i then attached the short chain to the collar and then to the O ring on the wall. i was immediately forced into a subservient position, with head bowed to the floor. Finally, i attached the handcuffs. i was now helpless kneeling with head bowed to Goddess Anna.

During my period of worship, i thought of many things…. i thought of Goddess and admired Her sensual form of domination, but i also believe that She is an advocate of domination by controlling a slave’s mind and thoughts. That is my firm belief in my submission, dominate my mind and i will be Her’s forever. Certainly, i love the bondage and physical aspects of servitude, but owning and controlling my mind is of paramount importance.

The aspect of chastity and imprisonment is also intriguing to me. The thought of being locked in a chastity belt and yielding total control to Goddess is intoxicating. There is something to be said of doing it willingly and based on trust, but there is also the exotic of enforced chastity. i am a slave who seeks to yield total and absolute control either voluntarily or by being enforced.

i chose to worship Goddess and one day i hope that She decides to own me, my mind, body and soul, and make me Hers.

Finally, about 4 and one/half hours later, i struggled to free myself from Her bonds. Once freed, i felt much more submissive and was willing to obey Her every command but just as importantly, i knew that Goddess Anna was THE dominant, sensual and also aggressive when She had to be, Lady i truly wanted to serve….

As you may have noticed I am back from my Easter vacation, and I’m back with updates. As soon as I came back I read all your emails, and I am glad to read from all my slaves, reports, emails, notes, I have received pictures and updates from all of you, and the winner is: slave herb. I received some nice pics from him as well…
mistress whip

lick my heels slave

dominant Mistress

My chastity slave ben is a very bad bad slave, he had been in chastity for me for a few months when I caught him cheating, he was no longer wearing the chastity. He wanted to hide that from me and he couldn’t, then he begged me and begged me for months to have him as My slave again. It took me a long time to accept him as My slave again, and after a lot of begging he convinced me to chastise him again, hopefully this time he’ll be good. Here are his latest pics:

chastity slave

chastised slave

chastity slave

slave in chastity

chainLast week I gave my slave Herb an assignment and he successfully carried it and at my request he sent me his slave report. He did such a good job that I found it very appropriate to tell him how well he did, and how beautifully he wrote every detail of his assignment. As a reward slave herb’s report will be posted here. From now on the best reports will have a place right here on My blog. So I hope all of you do your best to write beautifully, just like slave herb did:


i obeyed Your command by kneeling in a dark corner for two hours. Following is my report — i obeyed Your command over the weekend by kneeling in a corner in the dark. i made a couple enhancements though…..i locked a leather slave hood and gag over my head, attaching it to a thick leather collar. i then took ankle shackles and locked then and then finally, i took a pair of handcuffs and locked my wrists securely and completely behind my back.

i put the keys on table beside me and knelt as You comamnded. Not only were the lights out but the hood prevented from seeing anything

Time passed slowly, every minute seemed an hour…the real feeling of confinement became intoxicating as the handcuffs limited any movement, and my knees became sore from the constant pressure.

However, the mental and physical stimulation was overwhelming and quite frustrating and painful. i was aroused the entire time, but the cock cage prohibited all erection. The thought of being chained and locked in chastity maximized all sensations. The thought of denial was incredibaly frustrating, much more than it has been normally.

And the clock slowly ticked and i was completely not aware of how much time passed, but I knew that i would serve You unequivocably adn totally.

After such time, i thought that two hours had passed and it was sctually about two and one/half. i tried to reach the key to the handcuffs and they fell to the ground. It took me about 15 minutes to successfully free myself

my mind is alive with thoughts of Your dominanace and intelligence. i have always believed that if one could dominate my mind, i would be Her forever, and with this little task, You have dominanted my mind.

Place command me Goddess,

Your slave herb”

This is one of the moments when you realize how lovely it is to have such a good submissive…

This weekend was definitely fun for me. I got to do so many things, shopping, parties, catching up with old friends and laughing…I had so many funny pics of my slaves to show to my gf’s. They liked them all but they had a favorite. And the Oscar goes to….My princess, my fairy, I’ll call her Sophia …I will have to show you this, it’s too funny:


sissy maid

I’m posting a picture of some of the fun webcam chats I have with some of you…You will see how much I love being entertained, how much I love to feminize you or to make fun of you…I will let the pics do the talking:

I just wanted to update you on what is new, and as you can see, I have been very busy playing the latest game that I love so much, it;s called the drain game. Some of you ask me if I love what I do, if after almost 10 years of being online I have not got bored of chatting, and if I still enjoy it. Well my answer for all of you is that I don’t like it, I LOVE it, and as you can see, my subs LOVE this too, otherwise they would not wait in line to come in and be DRAINED. You love this game too, let’s face it, what can be sexier than a Hot Goddess that is willing to accept your money. You work for your money and I am willing to take it, and I am willing to play this game and keep your money, in my sexy beautiful hands and spend it the way I want it. Isn’t that lovely. The thing is that lately you got to beg that I take the money, and I like that. So far there was a good sub that was great at this game, steffen, but the thing is that someone has proven to be better at playing the game, someone from Germany, well let’s see who is going to win this game I am pretty excited, and I love playing the drain game yay!!!caught on cam

Since it’s spring time I’ve been wearing nylons more often, which has made me so so happy, nothing better than feeling that silky sensation on my long legs…
mistress nylonsmistress nylons

Do you like nylons? My favorite are black full fashioned nylons, worn with a vintage 6 strap garter belt, there’s nothing more feminine than that…

tan stockings fully fashioned nylons

Black nylons, black garter belt, black dress. Why? I love being sexy and classy at the same time, and there’s no other color as black, as simple as that!

nylon legs stockings legs