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I just took a new video of slaveboy I exposed him more, he is showing a part of his face too haha I`ll get him to expose himself totally soon, so stay tuned.

I want to expose my newest slave
His nickname is slaveboy1989
his email is: slaveboy1980@hotmail.co.uk
his skype name is: slaveboy19801
NEW number!!!

His new phone number: 07887426844
He is such a nasty slut, why don’t you call him and see it for yourself, he’d love to hear from you :))
tHIS IS THE SLUTTIEST SLAVE I VE MET! HE DESERVES SO MUCH “ATTENTION” FROM YOU GUYS, LET’S GIVE HIM A CALL AND TELL HIM WHAT A PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT HE IS, WON’T WE? let’s remind this worm how he is useless and he deserves a GANGABANG hahahahhaha as long with constant abuse hahahahah

If you recognize this slave, write a comment and let’s nail this slave!

I often get asked. Would I ever get married? Hmmm, hard to say Would I?
Don’t know, but if I were to do it here is how I picture things for us:

Inside our home and around female dominant friends, my husband must
address me as Miss Anna and my lady friends as Miss or Ma’am. He must
sit at my feet and unless I tell him otherwise, in only a tee shirt and
chastity device. To control his habit of masturbating and to constantly
remind him of his submission to me in all areas, I purchase a CB-2000
chastity device. I will be the key holder and he will wear it 24/7.
He will also be my houseboy. It is such a joy to be relieved of household chores. Hubby
Is learning to be good at doing domestic chores. On those rare occasions
when he has been a little lazy on housework, I find a teaspoon or two of
castor oil, punitive enema and an over the knee spanking works

newest loser

As you already know I am an experienced chastity Mistress, I have lots of chastity slaves that have assigned me as their Owner. Some of them send me their slave journals every day to keep me updated on their “exciting” chastity experience. Here is one of them:

“Hello Mistress Anna, how are you doing goddess? My chastity experience has been going very slowly and uncomfortable, but the important part is that you demand to be served properly by all you chastity subs. This morning I woke and it felt very tight on me because it is so tightly caged. I’m on my knees waiting for release only at your approval when only you feel i served your every desire and needs. Thank you Miss Anna for properly securing me I am grateful. It gets itchy sometimes so I keep it clean with a Q-tip with water and soap. I realize now I belong at your feet locked in chasity. At times it feels so humiliating knowing you control me and own me completely. But all Your needs must come first.
This was my first slave journal, I will supply you with more of them as I was ordered to do so. It gets very warm in this tube, fresh air would feel so good right now with your permission off course. Hope this was a good journal and it satifies you Goddess Anna. Have a great day Miss Anna.”

Here is how a pathetic foot slave likes to humiliate himself for me to get a humiliation foot show in my live chat:
Foot slave: please Miss Anna, talk to me like i am shit, be rude to me, call me mean names like loser, dog, worm, bitch, because that is what i am worth compared to you. You can make me do what u say if you bully me in your live chat

Mistress Nylons: beg me to bully you you worthless piece of sh- t

Foot slave: please Miss Anna, please bully me. I am so worthless compared to you, and all I deserve is to be humiliated by you and your feet. Please bully me, make me do what you want to humiliate myself for your amusement

Foot slave: you have so much power over me Miss Anna, i am such a desperate loser who only wants to smell, lick and kiss the soles of your feet

Foot slave: please allow me to enter your live webcam chat to abuse me and bully me Miss Anna, abuse the power you have over me by making me humiliate myself for your pleasure

Mistress Nylons: I want to hear you beg more for humiliation in live chat, it’s so pathetic to hear your desperate whining ha ha ha

Foot slave: u should make me breath in the air from inside your shoe, u should make me drink water that is squeezed out from your sock, u should slap my face hard with the soles of your feet, and laugh at me because i am your worthless puppy, who loves your feet so much

Foot slave: kneel in front of you, and you kick me hard to my face, trying to knock me down. I fall back with the force of your kick, which makes you laugh at me, but then i kneel up again, ready to take your next kick

Mistress Nylons: yess slave you’re doing a good job describing all the humiliating things your sh/t ass slave deserves

Foot slave: i am so desperate Miss Anna, to taste, smell and feel your beautiful feet.

Foot slave: you have so much power over me miss Anna,

Mistress Nylons: you are so lucky I even take the time to talk to you loser slave!

Foot slave: yes Miss Anna, of course you are right. i am such a lucky shit because you will even talk to me in your video chat, i know i deserve your contempt. it is my place to abuse and humiliate myself for you, just to demonstrate that you are so much better and higher than me.

Foot slave: that is why i should only be allowed to have contact with the lowest part of your body – the soles of your feet.Even the soles of your feet are worth so much more than me

Foot slave: even if your feet are dirty and smelly, it is my honor to humiliate myself by licking and sucking your feet clean for you, feasting on the dirt from your feet Miss Anna

Mistress Nylons: mmm what a treat my dirt would be to you

Foot slave: yes Miss Anna, it would be the best treat for a looser like me.

Foot slave: please Miss Anna, please allow me to come in private chat to bully me and humiliate me for your pleasure. i will do anything you tell me to do Miss Anna, please Miss Anna, make me humiliate myself at your feet

Mistress Nylons: you are completely humiliating yourself now

Foot slave: yes Miss Anna, i feel so humiliated. just the thought of your feet makes me feel so weak and powerless Miss Anna

Foot slave: i am like your toy Miss Anna. You can play with me however you like, kick my face and i will still want more

This is how some of my undeserving slaves beg to get a humiliation session in my live video chat.