• Rosy my slut

    Sissy rosy came back so that I feminize her even more. This time she put on blush as well. I took before and after pics, I think it’s so so funny:

    Look at how slutty sissy rose is wearing lipstick and blush, the only thing missing is a wig, which she is going to get soon


    Look at how hilarious she is with this make up and that thing on her head that makes her look like a muslim slut!! And look at how small his cock is, even the lipstick is bigger than sissy rosy’s cock hahahaha

  • And the slaves keep pouring in

    Seems like I have a magnet for financial slaves, they keep coming in like bees to honey mmmmmmm

    first I lure them in:


    then they give in to financial slavery, and come to my video chat:

    they don’t even imagine how their wallet is going to get fucked:

  • Ultimate financial domination

    This post is dedicated to slave S, my biggest financial addict slave. I’m saying he’s the biggest because he has a very deep addiction to being fucked in the online account, just like I fuck his mouth with my strap on. And he has been the biggest addict so far. That means he has been fucked deeper than others have been. I have gotten deep throat and I am planning to take it further:
    financial slavery

    I am deep inside his mouth/account, penetrating and draining him
    financial servitude

    I even got into her girl friends’s bank account, which is amazing, since I think is the ultimate servitude act!!!

  • Slave jokes

    Being a Mistress is fun, being an online Mistress is even more fun, since a lot of fetishes are involved. Some so called slaves make me laugh so hard.

    Joke of the day:

    22:17] CC/slave (private): im a little more in the dom mode today
    [22:17] CC/slave(private): have a fetish to see girls gagged
    [22:17] CC/slave (private): but guess not possible with you?
    [22:19] CC/slave(private): ?
    [22:21] DominantMiss (private to CC/slavetocc): no
    [22:21] DominantMiss (private to CC/slavetocc): it is not
    [22:22] DominantMiss (private to CC/slavetocc): I am not submissive at all
    [22:22] CC/slave(private): you dont need to be
    [22:22] CC/slave (private): just love gorgous girl gagged
    [22:22] CC/slave (private): you dont nedd to be submissive..

    Never met a gagged domme before, if you ever meet one, let me know guys, ok?? :)) Oh and don’t forget to take a pic of that too…might be funny :))

  • I love financial domination

    I love to drain you in my video chat so much. For some reason it gives me the sense of exhilarating power, I feel I get your energy of you, along with your money which you willingly give to Me. You get so turned on knowing I want to accept it, you feel you can provide me something to please Me. It’s the best thing you could do for Me. That is why financial domination is so good, I get to be spoiled so much, and I get all I ever need from you.


    And money slaves keep coming in. Look how willingly they give Me their money:

    And I simply love taking it for you, as you are chastised, why should I grant you any pleasure, if you don’t deserve it! And let’s admit it’s such a nice accessory:


    I simply adore it when you are grateful for the drain:

  • Updates from your Mistress

    Wondering what’s new with me? I am back home from my vacations

    so I am online chatting with you

    …chatting with ALL of you. I was so happy to see that you ALL missed me, as I had such a warm welcome from All of you. Thank you my sub missives for being so loyal:

  • I simply adore gifts

    Today was a good day, I spent it at the spa, so I am very relaxed, then one of my pay piggies messaged me in order to pay his weekly tribute, then another one asked to be drained. I got into his bank and withdrew 300 euros. Then I went online and spent amazing time with one of my favorite submissives. The day got even better when slave ben, one of the best slaves I got to train and discipline (must confess chastity helped a lot) told me that he has sent me a gift card. There it is:
    financial domination

    Ben has sent me e-gifts before…but he had made mistakes and wanted to make it up for those

    financial domination

    but this time it was so lovely of him that he sent me this gift knowing I am going to Paris and he just wanted to be nice 🙂 Isn’t that sweet of him