Piggies got drained again

So this is just a quick post with just some of my tonight’s trainings drainings.
These are just some print screens I had time to take in between other drainings. Busy day, and evening tonight, and also expecting another piggy in a few moments.

So this is piggy number 1:


He is named 12 min piggy since that’s his capacity, I know, it’s pathetic…but that’s how long he can last haha And thus his nickname hahah Always makes me laugh!!

Piggy number 2:


This loser begged for the maximum price!! So pathetic!!!

Piggy number 3:


Needless to say that he tributed since he is pathetic and a loser and needs to pay. That’s kinda all about him. Ha ha

There are lots to say, I wish I had the time…but soon I will write a post on the updates. See you all soon! To chat …get drained 🙂

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