Sissy for Miss Anna

Last few days I was offline to enjoy some “me time”, so when I decided to check out my messages, I found an interesting email. It’s always nice to see that my loyal submissives are checking up on me when I am away, I always appreciate the messages you send, showing your worship, it really makes me happy to see that I am missed. In my last post I challenged you to share with me your fantasies, and I did receive quite a few. But for now this one email caught my attention.

This sissy has been trained by me for about a year now, he is into feminization. At first he said he wants to become the best and to truly fulfill his sissy wishes. And because I think he has the potential to become a perfect sissy slut I started training him. Long story short here’s what he wrote:

“Getting to meet Miss Anna was a life-changing experience for me. I can vividly remember the first night we chatted. It was a quiet evening, after one of those long days at work. I was surfing the net for some femdom stuff when I came across her femdom profile on twitter. This intrigued me because I have always had this inner craving to surrender to a powerful Goddess and to dress up and get more feminine.

As a matter of fact, I am an addict for nylons and heels. I couldn’t stare at a pair of high heeled stiletto without wanting to put them on. The way Miss Anna dresses in her pictures had always been my fantasy, it was like the exact picture of the mistress I have always dreamed of and I could already see myself in her lingerie.
As I surfed through her profile, I knew Miss Anna was the one who would understand my sissy desires and help me fulfill them – so I contacted her.

At first, I was, well, nervous, but the urge to reveal my true self and to finally find a mistress that would truly understand me, was more powerful than any feelings of hesitation that I had. We chatted and I feel we connected almost immediately. There was this feeling of trust I had in her like I could tell her all my secrets, but I decided to take things slowly. Many times Miss Anna would reassure me that she was always there for me, and I felt completely at ease telling her how badly I’ve wanted to be a sissy slut…
I told her how much I have been nurturing the desire and what it would mean to me to find someone to help me realize it. She understood exactly what I wanted and took her time to carefully choose for me all the feminine things that I would need. It didn’t take long before we got deep into it and before I knew it, I had walked on high heels, went to buy lingerie, did my makeup, and many more feminine duties, all inspired by her.

With her direction, I was able to transform myself into the sissy slut that I had always wanted to be. Miss Anna took me by the hands and showed me what life as a sissy slut really felt like and I was thrilled by it.

feminised sissy

I did everything to please her and I even now I am always looking for ways to get better in order to make her happy as my mistress. I am writing this now so that I tell her how much I really appreciate Her for making my wishes of being a sissy slut come true. I hope other sissies out there find a mistress like Miss Anna, and finally realize their dreams like I did mine. Thank you so much, Miss Anna!”

This required a little editing from my part but this is the message…which I find very inspiring for other sissies who want to explore this feminine part but they are scared. As for the other submissives, I’m waiting for your messages, send out your fantasies if you want to be featured right here on my blog.
Until then: live out your fetishes!

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