Sissy training time

These weeks I haven’t posted since I was busy. When I wasn’t just relaxing or shopping or doing something I really enjoy, I was online training my submissives.
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You will wonder why I keep bringing shopping into discussion here on the blog, well first of all because it’s something I really love, and secondly because I want to inspire you, to do more of what you love. Life is short and you should really follow my example and do more of that which you love.
Now back to what I was saying…training my submissives… Mostly sissies. Somehow they are attracted to me. I think they get it that I get them. I am good with sissies, I love to train them, tell them how to be better and better each day. And I am so proud when they are getting better at being more feminine or sluttier. Because that is the purpose, to become better at it, like with all things. Yes you can be better at being a sissy. You can put on a sexier lipstick or blush or highlighter and instantly look so more girly and sexy.

sissy inspiration

The second way you can become a better sissy is taking care of your appearance, and I’m not talking about make up this time…but about lingerie. You can wear lingerie that is so sexy and girly, or simply naughty. There are so many nuances to being a sissy, and you can do it in so many ways. And of course the process can be accelerated in the presence of a good Mistress that can guide you, push you in the right direction, show you the precise steps you can take.

There are already sissies that are very good at it, at being feminine and girly…For those who don’t know what I am talking about, and are not very familiar with the sissification/feminisation process, well you should do your research and you will see it is a very serious matter, a lot of effort is put into this, and it is not an easy process. I have assisted many sissies in this evolving process and I have seen the stages of it, and the progress and the changes in their appearance. It’s just spectacular. I love training my submissives in becoming slutty sissies, first of all because I understand their needs, and secondly because I know how to help them and be there for them even when it gets harder or they lose their motivation. I am so happy when I see them get better and better, sexier and sexier with every step they take. I am the Mistress they can come to and get the feedback, support, advice they need. And so far I’ve had very good results with my sissies, and I am posting these pictures below so you can see how sexy lingerie can make a sissy look so sexy …even slutty!!

Here is sissy chris who is getting better and better…especially at taking selfies, and he also got new sexy lingerie


And here is sissy Isabella who has been under my training for some time now and she’s been really making progress each day, taking my suggestions, being very obedient and eager to please and improve. Here are Isabella’s pictures:


Look how he evolved, and is now looking sexier and sexier.


I am really proud of my sissies, and I am happy I can see their eagerness to please and to evolve. It’s what makes me continue to train them!

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