Sissy training

I am writing this post not only for my sissies but for all potential sissies and submissives that are considering taking this path but are undecided about it, or unsure or confused about what it involves.
So, in order to bring some clarifications into the subject also to make this special training even more effective, I thought this post will be useful for everyone. I will be attaching pics of this week’s best sissy, sissy isabella. She completed her duties and did the best, following all my guidance perfectly.

Being a sissy is no easy task, it requires expending a lot of your time and energy so you can go through a major change, transforming your mind and body into that of a female. This mind and body development is what is commonly known as sissy training and it involves an intensive process where the sub is constantly learning to take on traditionally female roles.

As a submissive undergoing a sissy training, you get to embrace the realities of being a sissy by immersing yourself in actual experiences of feminization. This means learning to adopt ultra-feminine behaviors and perform various kinds of feminine activities. Such activities could range from housekeeping and application of makeup to cross-dressing and the shaving of your body.
Your face, figure, fashion, and finesses must all conform to that of a female in order to fully complete the sissy training. You will need to try to apply makeup every day, and you must keep reapplying it until it becomes second nature to you. It is also important that you master how to wear heels, and not just any heels, but high stiletto heels. This kind is my favorite:

red soles

You should learn to be able to walk effortlessly in high heels and you must ensure that your steps align perfectly with that of a professional dominatrix. Your manicure and pedicure must always be done and looking neat. Also, make sure that you do your shaving in a bathtub and use only high-quality women’s razors. Do not use men’s razors and avoid using anything that resembles an electric device for your shaving.

Having a smooth and soft skin is an integral part of being feminine and sissy shaving is the cornerstone of being girlish. As a submissive with the goal of being a true sissy, you must see to it that your legs, chest, stomach, armpits, and the hairs between your thighs are thoroughly worked up with lather and well shaved.

To be a better sissy, you need to do one thing – and that is to practice every day. Just like exercising – working out to build huge muscular bodies and practicing to be a good sissy are quite very similar. It is a practice that must be performed continuously for its impact to be truly felt. Some submissives may take pills or undergo surgery as part of their transformation in order to make their bodies look more feminine. That is taking things to an upgraded level, and becoming even more feminine. Sissy Isabella already is on this path and following my guidelines and you can see her progress already:


Practice they say makes perfect. This same principle applies to all submissive who undergo sissy training. By constantly devoting your time to learning and adopting the basic skills necessary to create a feminine essence, you will become a full blown sissy before you know it. Sissy skills are qualities that you develop in time and progress should be able to get you noticed.

Take note, however, that sissy training is a process that occurs slowly over time. It requires that you exhibit a lot of patience and persistence. You also need have significant commitment and trust in me as your dominant and in the lessons that I will be teaching you. You must take each training session very seriously and never place the significance of one over the other.

Always try to take each training session one step at a time. Walk in high heels every day and suck your toy every day as much as you can. If you’re able to complete the training and sub training successfully, I will conveniently transform you into the sissy of your dreams. You will be able to step confidently in high heels and speak pleasantly, using your feminine charm to impress everyone. For instance sissy isabella already walked in high heels and now is practicing walking in thigh high boots, following my advice, taking a step forward and being sluttier:


Be prepared because I will also make you go through series of behavior modification assignments, figure training, makeup and dressing rehearsals and service-oriented duties. I will provide you with practical guidelines for the being a true sissy. You will need to take selfies and pictures to document your progress and compare from day to day.

You will also undergo sissy maid training where you will be performing domestic duties. During sissy maid training, you will wear a frilly, skimpy maid’s uniform and perform a range of household duties which will include household chores and sexual acts.

Finally, I will teach you the practice of tucking. Tucking is directly under the behavior modification assignments you will need to complete. It is a very important part of the transformation of a man into a complete sissy girl. You cannot be a true sissy for your mistress with your bulge stretching out of its sack. It should always be kept tightly tucked in for best results.

This kind of training is possible and it can lead somewhere special you’ve never thought possible before, and the proof is sissy isabella’s results, she has got so far under my training and she is still committed to go further. She is the perfect example of submissive who could be trained into being the perfect sissy slut. She is now wearing even jewellery and nylons and garter belts, even thigh high boots, and she is perfecting her make up every day. For this great effort I am assigning her the sissy slut of the week!
sissy training
You could get this recognition as well, if you’re dreaming of it, just that it takes hard work and dedication but you can now see that this is possible.

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