slave gets trapped even more


As I was away on my vacation last week, I got this nice surprise in my email 🙂
So nice to be away relaxing, having fun as my slaves work hard, and pay their monthly tribute to Me. Slave ben just started to pay me a percentage of his pay check to me. He has been such a good chastised slave and has been tributing so far, or contributing along with other slaves to get me nice gifts, like the latest Casadei pair of shoes I’ve got.

But now, he got trapped under my high heel even more and started to pay me 17% of his pay check. Such a good little slave he is!!

financial domination
(this is just for 2 weeks, I am expecting another payment to be done this Saturday)

Here is the letter he sent me along with the 17% payment:

Miss Anna your Highness,

Kneeling in subservience and kissing your feet with absolute servitude. I know you on vacation Miss Anna and I hope you are having an amazing time as this is how a Goddess should always feel.

Writing this letter I must honestly admit that I have never in my craziest dreams could have believed I would be so much owned and controlled as you have me now Miss Anna! My computer is owned by you, my social networking profiles are yours, my penis belongs to you by means of chastity control and now you have found another way to bring me to my knees into submission!

You mentioned once before Miss Anna about how you always wanted even more power and control of me and I thought… being locked in your chastity device how could you possibly do more!! Miss Anna has expressed that she has “total control of my manhood, now I will break you down even further.” That you have done Miss Anna..! Miss Anna now collects 17% of each and every paycheck of mine. As you instructed Miss Anna, each payment will be made and a paycheck stub included with each payment.

I had no idea that one day you would be eventually collecting part of my paycheck Miss Anna. Miss Anna you own me, over empower me, and have brought me to my knees at your mercy to submission. You own me and I belong to you Miss Anna.

Following will be my pay stub and payment Miss Anna your Highness.

Your slave in submission,

I am so proud of this slave, he has been getting better and better, constant work and discipline, and chastity and the tributes as well. So he is turning into the perfect slave, I only hope he keeps up the good work! Submission is a serious thing like any commitment you make: having a good job, having a nice body, staying healthy or becoming a good athlete, all those things have one thing in common: commitment. Being a good slave requires the same: constant work and a permanent need for improvement. That’s why I hope he can stay focused and persevere in being more and more submissive. After all, this is what a true Mistress wants of a perfect slave!

This being said…


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