Slave updates

Been away for a while, just enjoying the freedom life has to offer. But my slaves are not free, why should they be?



As you can see he likes to use his chastity to hang my heels there, that makes his chastity the perfect shoe rack he says.


This is slave ben and he has been chastised for almost 5 weeks now. I am pretty happy with his progress as a chastity slave so far. Let’s see how long he can stay chastised for.

He has been working out, and this shows I guess:


All in all, I am satisfied with slave ben, think he’s been good so far, waiting to see how patient he is in the long run.

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  • Worshipanna

    Kissing and worshipping your feet on my knees where I belong Miss Anna, you have taught me my place very well (gazing up at your power and absolute female supremacy)

    Please..I will do anything you want for just one day of chastity release Miss Anna! I’m begging on my knees, please!

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