Slavery Confession

This is what I got into my mail, from slave ben, so interesting I had to share his slave confession here, since a lot of you are so curious what it’s like to be a chastity slave, and not just any kind of slave, MY slave. So here it is, along with pictures:

chastity=slave3 copy

Miss Anna your Highness,

Greeting your feet with kisses I write this letter of confession of how it feels to be entirely enslaved by you. To start with I am such an absolutely privileged and honored slave to been given the opportunity to serve such an amazing and superior woman as yourself Miss Anna, I worship you and the ground you walk on Miss Anna.

Just upon awaking each morning I feel a numbing, swelling pain which is the result of the secure chastity that imprisons the genitals that I once owned–this is a daily constant reminder through every hour of the day that I belong to you and only you Miss Anna. I must even confess that I can’t even look at a Woman anymore without a restraining feeling in this chastity cage that quickly reminds me that I am entirely enslaved by YOU Miss Anna your Highness.

chastity-slave copy

When you stated one day that you wanted my password and account information for CC I had no idea that you were progressing into taking me deeper into your web of ownership and control! Doing so felt so emasculating but looking at you I just crumble to my knees and surrender to you each and everytime Miss Anna. For anyone viewing this, Miss Anna now even has full control of my computer via teamviewer! At this point, I felt so terrified knowing I am entirely at her mercy now, no escaping…this is real! Miss Anna has completely cleaned out my PC and now it is only kept for material in which she first and foremost approves of. I must admit, I have never felt so controlled and owned in my life! I have a fetlife account, twitter account…all owned and under possession of Miss Anna now. Believe me when I say this, Miss Anna is extremely smart and intelligent. Knowing you have so much control over my life Miss Anna I realized just how inferior I am to you.

I must also mention and admit this clearly…I belong as a slave to Miss Anna and I will never belong to anyone but her. You own my mind, heart and soul Miss Anna. Nothing else or anyone even comes close to comparing with you, and with your permission and acceptance I will be enslaved to you and only for as long as I live Miss Anna. You give the true meaning of Female Supremacy.

Thank you more than words could even describe for allowing me a place at your feet worshiping your royalty.

Slave Ben

chastity-slave2 copy

Looks like a nice nice sincere confession letter, I really think slave ben opened up and wrote what he felt, which makes me think of him like a very good slave, don t you think?

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