Summer time

I know I haven’t posted on here for a long time, that wasn’t my plan…I just got caught up with stuff… working hard.
Alright, I haven’t been that busy … I just chose to spend my time relaxing 🙂 Whew I guess it wasn’t that hard to admit the truth…I’ve been busy hanging out with friends, shopping, sunbathing, loots of shopping, getting spoiled at the spa, at the salon, you know… important stuff girl stuff.


I think all the girls should feel spoiled like that. Even if it means neglecting your femdomme blog lol …but at least in the summer time when everybody is getting their vacations, just get that time for yourself to pamper yourself.

I don’t know about others…but when it’s summer time my brain starts making a weird noise…like “beep beep beep” (no, I’m not crazy), and at first I start wondering what’s that alarm, until I realise it’s the sales season. My brain automatically activates the shopping alert. And I start wanting even the most unnecessary things just because they’re on sale. It’s a weird thing, but it happens to me every summer, without exception :)) And that keeps me busy, shopping and shopping, and when I think I am done… and I tell to myself:

this is the last thing…I mean I couldn’t possibly need anything else

…then the next day I see a catalogue with this “wonder lotion” or glitter stuff or a fancy fragrance …and of course…I want it, I need it, I can’t possibly live without it! :))


And if I get that I need something else to go with that, and if too many cosmetics add up, I will need a new cosmetics cabinet, and then I’ll need to make changes at home… and then I’ll have friends over… maybe throw a party, and then I need to rest, and then I need to travel for a couple of days just to get moving, and then I need some time to rest again. 🙂


Then I get some newsletter in the mail and I need to do some online shopping. Or it s a sunny day and I need to use that to get some tan.


So that’s how my days fly by…in case you were wondering why I haven’t posted on here or I haven’t been online more often. It’s summer time!! And girls just wanna have fun! But you can find me online more often these weeks…so we can catch up. Tell me all about how you’ve been missing me and our time together 🙂

I was almost forgetting to mention it was my bday… a week offline to celebrate it. Had so much fun… Ok now you’re really up to date with everything 🙂

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