• Orgasm denial

    What is orgasm denial? It is the secret tip some women know about and love to use in the bedroom to spice up their life. I like to use it all the time. I like denying. I think orgasm denial is a key factor of control for the woman.

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    It is a great way for her to exercise her sexual power in her relationship. Women, especially Mistresses that use orgasm denial with their submissives, are far more powerful than other women who don’t.

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    Orgasm denial is a sexual power that can be used even throughout the non-sexual events in relationships by “bringing it up” throughout the course of the day. I like to tease my submissives all the time, then deny them, some of them are chastised, so that the tease is a torture really.

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    So yes, tease tease tease, and a looot of denial denial denial, sometimes they are denied to touch themselves, sometimes they can touch but they cannot cum, so that’s the orgasm denial I so much ADORE!!

  • Chastity slave journal day 1

    slave in chastity device plastic numbered lock As you already know I am an experienced chastity Mistress, I have lots of chastity slaves that have assigned me as their Owner. Some of them send me their slave journals every day to keep me updated on their “exciting” chastity experience. Here is one of them:

    “Hello Mistress Anna, how are you doing goddess? My chastity experience has been going very slowly and uncomfortable, but the important part is that you demand to be served properly by all you chastity subs. This morning I woke and it felt very tight on me because it is so tightly caged. I’m on my knees waiting for release only at your approval when only you feel i served your every desire and needs. Thank you Miss Anna for properly securing me I am grateful. It gets itchy sometimes so I keep it clean with a Q-tip with water and soap. I realize now I belong at your feet locked in chasity. At times it feels so humiliating knowing you control me and own me completely. But all Your needs must come first.
    This was my first slave journal, I will supply you with more of them as I was ordered to do so. It gets very warm in this tube, fresh air would feel so good right now with your permission off course. Hope this was a good journal and it satifies you Goddess Anna. Have a great day Miss Anna.”