• The Dominatrix


    For many slaves, getting the much desired maximum satisfaction from their online dominatrix is something I’ve come to realize is very relative, as this depends on every submissive. Just like every dominant has their ways they run their sessions, just like that the submissive is turned on by different things. When a submissive feels that his fantasies are not being adequately fulfilled, he is certain to find satisfaction at the feet of another dominatrix who can properly dominate him.

    Recently, I came across a very interesting and passionate submissive who is quite obsessed with bondage and discipline. He is into bdsm, he is turned on by  the fantasy of being handcuffed, gagged, and whipped by a strict and cruel dominatrix.mistress

  • I love shopping!!

    In case you’ve been wondering what I have been doing these days. I am posting here some of the most representative moments of these days:


    As you can see I love going out in my spare time (and I have lots of that) having a cup of coffee, a croissant or apple pie (yum)

  • Slave jokes

    Being a Mistress is fun, being an online Mistress is even more fun, since a lot of fetishes are involved. Some so called slaves make me laugh so hard.

    Joke of the day:

    22:17] CC/slave (private): im a little more in the dom mode today
    [22:17] CC/slave(private): have a fetish to see girls gagged
    [22:17] CC/slave (private): but guess not possible with you?
    [22:19] CC/slave(private): ?
    [22:21] DominantMiss (private to CC/slavetocc): no
    [22:21] DominantMiss (private to CC/slavetocc): it is not
    [22:22] DominantMiss (private to CC/slavetocc): I am not submissive at all
    [22:22] CC/slave(private): you dont need to be
    [22:22] CC/slave (private): just love gorgous girl gagged
    [22:22] CC/slave (private): you dont nedd to be submissive..

    Never met a gagged domme before, if you ever meet one, let me know guys, ok?? :)) Oh and don’t forget to take a pic of that too…might be funny :))