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Some of my best experiences as a mistress are usually when I get spoiled by my submissives. Many times I’ve had them buy me nice gifts, tributing and contributing financially to my luxurious lifestyle. They enjoy the feeling of being my financial slaves and they always want to please me with what they can, that is…their wallet.

My most recent financial slave, I would call him “slave t”, was one very interesting submissive whom I found to be very charming. He is a very nice guy who has a taste for the finest things. He has great taste in art, wine, and classy ladies and he is also addicted to the financial domination fetish.
Slave t takes a lot of pleasure from spending excessively on elegant and beautiful mistresses. He, however, gets bored easily…usually  and moves on to the next mistress as soon as he’s bored with one. At least that’s what he told me. Since he became my financial slave over 2 years ago, he hasn’t found any reason to look elsewhere. (that’s what he keeps repeating to me)
He sent me a very interesting message in his usual charming tone last week which I’d very much like to share. Here it goes…
Dear Miss Anna,
Knowing you has been an incredible experience for me. Only a few things can really hold my attention for so long. I don’t know how you do it but I’ve never been more intrigued by anyone like the way I am by you.
I think much of what attracts me to you resides in your entire being. Everything about you is so beautiful, I just can’t seem to help myself worshipping your beauty. Your ability to combine your extremely alluring sexiness with your talent for invoking intense pleasure simply takes my breath away.


financial domination
You are effortlessly classy, stylish and elegant. I enjoy seeing you smile every time I tribute you and I feel so privileged that I can contribute financially to your luxurious lifestyle. I have this endless burning desire to keep spoiling you so much. Sometimes I feel the rush to tribute an amount of money that I know I’ll later regret sending, but in that moment, I feel so excited that I have to spoil you.  (more…)

As the title says, this is my ATM slave…my financial submissive that I am blogging about here. Had to write about this, because it is worth mentioning. I wanted to break his record of being drained, and I did, not as I had wanted to, but I’s still proud of what he did for me. As a bonus I am posting his pictures here, one picture for every tribute he has sent me the other day.
So picture number 1:
financial slave
Picture number 2 for tribute number 2 (more…)