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After posting my slave’s testimonial on his findom addiction I received a gazillion of messages, people asking me about this slave t, even a submissive’s gf asked me advice about how she can make her sub spoil her more. I haven’t even replied to her because I was puzzled by the question but I thought I should write about this here so that I avoid further questions and bring my some clarifications about my side of this findom story.

The findom cliche

First of all I think “findom” has become some kind of a cliche and in spite of that I must admit I still use this hashtag often on twitter and on my profiles, just because of lack of inspiration, I don’t know what other word to use to reveal my greedy nature, and that is: my love for pretty little things that bring me so much joy, just like shoes, jewellery, nice leather outfits and other sexy luxurious things.  I do love to shop, travel and enjoy my life to the fullest so I think the word pretty much describes what I like and the way I am like a person…Some might call this kind of person a “bitch” but I wouldn’t go that far, I think when it comes to me, I can be called an independent and at the same time a spoiled woman.





A spoiled mistress

I want to reply to that message I received from that sub’s gf asking me how she can get spoiled more. The reason I didn’t answer in the first place was because I didn’t know what to say then. I don’t think there’s a secret to this. If that sub is a giver, and the mistress is a good receiver, then we have a good findom relationship. I think it has to be in the sub’s nature to like to give, and in the mistress’ personality to like to receive. There are women out there that are so independent they wouldn’t receive anything just out of pride. I’ve always liked to be shown appreciation and respect and receive a nice gift or a tribute as a sign of that. I find it thoughtful and I think it’s in the nature of a man to make a woman happy. As for me…it’s easy, shoes make me happy.



My take on findom definition

In my view, what it really means: as a woman letting yourself pampered, why I use “let” because in this century women are independent, skilled, trained, educated enough to get things for themselves, so you just accept a gift, although you could get that thing yourself. (more…)

Some of my best experiences as a mistress are usually when I get spoiled by my submissives. Many times I’ve had them buy me nice gifts, tributing and contributing financially to my luxurious lifestyle. They enjoy the feeling of being my financial slaves and they always want to please me with what they can, that is…their wallet.

My most recent financial slave, I would call him “slave t”, was one very interesting submissive whom I found to be very charming. He is a very nice guy who has a taste for the finest things. He has great taste in art, wine, and classy ladies and he is also addicted to the financial domination fetish.
Slave t takes a lot of pleasure from spending excessively on elegant and beautiful mistresses. He, however, gets bored easily…usually  and moves on to the next mistress as soon as he’s bored with one. At least that’s what he told me. Since he became my financial slave over 2 years ago, he hasn’t found any reason to look elsewhere. (that’s what he keeps repeating to me)
He sent me a very interesting message in his usual charming tone last week which I’d very much like to share. Here it goes…
Dear Miss Anna,
Knowing you has been an incredible experience for me. Only a few things can really hold my attention for so long. I don’t know how you do it but I’ve never been more intrigued by anyone like the way I am by you.
I think much of what attracts me to you resides in your entire being. Everything about you is so beautiful, I just can’t seem to help myself worshipping your beauty. Your ability to combine your extremely alluring sexiness with your talent for invoking intense pleasure simply takes my breath away.


financial domination
You are effortlessly classy, stylish and elegant. I enjoy seeing you smile every time I tribute you and I feel so privileged that I can contribute financially to your luxurious lifestyle. I have this endless burning desire to keep spoiling you so much. Sometimes I feel the rush to tribute an amount of money that I know I’ll later regret sending, but in that moment, I feel so excited that I have to spoil you.  (more…)

I received this testimonial from a new submissive I own now, I will call him my hypnotisedslave This is what he wrote about our hypnotising, controlling experience:

“I found Miss Anna’s website by accident. It was a long evening, I felt tired, and so I started to browse through some femdom stuff via Google. When the first photo of Miss Anna appeared on the screen, It got my attention, of course, but still, I was considering her just a very beautiful femdom model, nothing more, nothing less.
nylons dominatrix

However, it happened somehow (destiny?) that I found myself browsing through Her galleries and above all through Her blog posts. I was instantly amazed. You know, most of the dommes are very beautiful women, but their claims also often use to be a little bit stereotypic, sometimes even full of clichés. This was not the case of Miss Anna. Her texts impressed me with the immerse amount of intelligence and a charisma of the true femme fatale, which has been put into them. Miss Anna obviously knows, which words to choose, which sentences to use, to make the reader at least … well, nervous. I can say this is a linguistic therapy (but is “therapy” the proper word for what She is doing?) of its own kind. Reading her posts further, I gradually felt more and more curious, and, at the same time, more and more aroused. And finally, I did something I never did before: I registered for Miss Anna’s site and sent her just a little tip, not so high amount, just to try to get into contact with Her.

This was the beginning of my fall.

Miss Anna wrote me back very quickly. She was very polite, I would even say nice, She welcomed me to Her site, thanked for the tip, and we just started chatting a little bit. Before I realized what is really happening, the first Teamviewer session started. It just happened very naturally. Miss Anna has a tremendous skill in becoming the authority to Her subject, just in the moment She wants. I found myself following Her instructions without question or hesitation, just because She wrote me to do so. I even didn’t fully realize I sent her a few tributes during our session. It was just happening. (more…)

I am so excited that I need to write about this on here. Slave s has a significant breakthrough that needs to be mentioned and properly acknowledged on here by everyone. He could last 6 more minutes more compared to his last wank haha So this time he is a 10 minutes wanker :)) Not his best record though, just a breakthrough compared to last time which was few days ago:

findom (more…)

So this is just a quick post with just some of my tonight’s trainings drainings.
These are just some print screens I had time to take in between other drainings. Busy day, and evening tonight, and also expecting another piggy in a few moments.

So this is piggy number 1:


He is named 12 min piggy since that’s his capacity, I know, it’s pathetic…but that’s how long he can last haha And thus his nickname hahah Always makes me laugh!! (more…)

Last week I got a guest in my chatroom asking me about something on my profile. Obviously he didn’t read my profile well so I didn’t bother replying since he was obviously wasting my time. He asked me what the draining meant. Here’s my reply to all of you who are confused about it: findom.
I love draining my piggies’ accounts. Here’s an example:

From last night:

Today he came back from more:

In both cases the draining took 10-12 mins maximum. So hot!!


So…finally home now, from my vacations. I’ve been away to so many beautiful places, first warm ones…

And then colder… (more…)

Hi my slaves, just got back from my vacation, which was amazing, nice places to visit, a lot of relaxing, tanning, shopping, fine dining, desert safari, and all the great things you can do to relax while away.

financial domination

The nicest thing on vacation was seeing just how loyal my slaves are. For instance slave ben was supposed to send me his slave tax that he sends every 2 weeks, so he sent me this nice message to tell me he placed the slave tax at my feet…how sweet!

slave tax

And when I checked my email there was his slave tax: (more…)

I haven’t posted on here yet about the greatest things slaves did for me these weeks. Even if I was offline…away on vacation they served me, tributed Me, and wanted to be close to Me. The ones who spoiled me got attention from Me, even if I was away, which I liked, since every time I am offline I miss the slaves that I owned and all the things we do together. But when I got back things got back to usual, fortunately so everybody got to serve me properly. Here are some of the nicest things they ve done this week.

First…slave ben paid his slave tax again…second time this month

this is how this looks like when I am using team viewer to watch the draining myself:

Another great moment is to have my slave s beg to be ignored. I have made him love the chair more than anything. Isn’t amazing to brainwash somebody into making him do what you tell them to do?

He is so submissive and addicted to me, that he had to tribute Me to pay for watching the chair…and not just any chair…my empty chair. Here is the transfer I made from his bank account directly. How cool is that? Findom kind of cool (more…)


As I was away on my vacation last week, I got this nice surprise in my email 🙂
So nice to be away relaxing, having fun as my slaves work hard, and pay their monthly tribute to Me. Slave ben just started to pay me a percentage of his pay check to me. He has been such a good chastised slave and has been tributing so far, or contributing along with other slaves to get me nice gifts, like the latest Casadei pair of shoes I’ve got.

But now, he got trapped under my high heel even more and started to pay me 17% of his pay check. Such a good little slave he is!! (more…)

Now what follows will be very hot. And what can it be, other than financial domination? This was a very hot drain, since the price is brand new. Prices on camcontacts.com have gone crazy!! And when I say crazy I mean 17-22 dollars a minute crazy. Isn’t that crazy?


I find it smoking hot type of crazy. I love draining you at this rate/minute. That is my kind of draining! Queen size draining!

Did I meantion I love it when you beg for it?

financial drain

You beg, you beg, and you beg again, for the highest price, how hot is that? (more…)