• How I see marriage

    Miss Anna nylonsI often get asked. Would I ever get married? Hmmm, hard to say Would I?
    Don’t know, but if I were to do it here is how I picture things for us:

    Inside our home and around female dominant friends, my husband must
    address me as Miss Anna and my lady friends as Miss or Ma’am. He must
    sit at my feet and unless I tell him otherwise, in only a tee shirt and
    chastity device. To control his habit of masturbating and to constantly
    remind him of his submission to me in all areas, I purchase a CB-2000
    chastity device. I will be the key holder and he will wear it 24/7.
    He will also be my houseboy. It is such a joy to be relieved of household chores. Hubby
    Is learning to be good at doing domestic chores. On those rare occasions
    when he has been a little lazy on housework, I find a teaspoon or two of
    castor oil, punitive enema and an over the knee spanking works