• Stuff I feel like writing

    I didn’t know what to name this post, but here are some things about me I wouldn’t normally talk about. So here it goes:

    why I do this

    Is a question I hear pretty often and here is a chance to write about it so I don’t have to write the answers as often as it would normally be necessary. I chose to do this (webcam thing) because it gives me independence, I can control my life, my schedule, not have a boss or anyone telling me what to do. Financial independence would be something else, but that I would have had by doing anything I would have set up my mind to do. But the freedom it gives me is important to me so I can travel and do all the things that are called superficial.
    goddess feet
    I love feeling and looking pretty, being dressed up and wearing nice shoes, I also love nice conversations and open minded people so all of these things are checked when doing this.

  • My latest adventures

    As I am sure you might have noticed, I came back online these days. I have been away for the last 2 weeks, doing a bit of traveling, and attending an event that gathered the online video chat community.
    mistress nylons

  • Hobby time

    As you can see I am back from my vacation so it’s time for some blogging. This blog post is a request from a lot of you who have been asking me what I’ve been up to and… what I like to to in my free time.

    My days were full, been away for a week, traveling, relaxing shopping, catching up with friends. Then back at home to relax even more and dominate my loyal submissives who had been patiently waiting for me.

    A lot of you guys want to know more about me, and I am planning to post more about me on here. The truth is I’ve never talked about my hobbies here, except shopping, and camming, those I mentioned a lot.


    Other than shopping, I like tennis a lot, and I also like to eat a lot hehe. I love tasting new foods, experiencing new tastes all the time. Today I went out,

  • Updates

    Want to know what’s new?
    Here are a few of the things that happened lately in Miss Anna’s chats:
    slave marky stoke his friend’s panties and tried them on for me haha. Here he is caught in the act:


    Have you ever tried on stolen panties? Slave marky did and then posed for me like a sexy slut:


    What else is new? I got a present for my bday, and that’s a nice gift certificate from my loyal slave herb. Thnnk you slave herb!!


    What else deserves to be mentioned? My Gf my gf, love my gf!! Erika and I will be hosting a session soon, so you’ll get the chance to watch us both teasing, denying, instructing you, in a few words driving you crazy. You all said you loved my eyes, my legs and everything, so how about we double that?? Who can resist? Well I can’t resist her and she can’t resist me either. What about you?


    Lick our heels! Both pairs! I know you love it… So double pleasure for you

  • Slave tribute

    Always love it when my submissives surprise me with nice little things, I like to call them tributes. And today here is what I received in my email address, I love it I love it I love it when my submissives advertise for me and surprise me like this. Thank you slave massi! So lovely, makes me think of my next vacation:


    Keep advertising my site, slave massi, love it!!!

    Goddess Anna

  • Back from vacation

    As you may have noticed I am back from my Easter vacation, and I’m back with updates. As soon as I came back I read all your emails, and I am glad to read from all my slaves, reports, emails, notes, I have received pictures and updates from all of you, and the winner is: slave herb. I received some nice pics from him as well…
    mistress whip

    lick my heels slave

    dominant Mistress

  • Why don’t you…

    Why don’t you do right…
    My favorite song, listen to the lyrics and you’ll know why 😉
    Why don’t you do right…Like some other men do…speaking about that, I think this month’s winner will be my slave steffendk, since he’s spent the most on me. I got to drain him good using 2 chats simultaneously, so he got to spend A LOT on me, maximum price on my 2 chats. Isn’t that lovely…well, let’s see if he’s gonna be the winner of the month though 🙂

  • New letter from slave

    miss Anna
    Here is a fragment from the newest letter I received from a potential slave:

    “Please consider having me as your new slave in your life Goddess, I promise to cherish and love and serve You forever. As well as:

    -I surrender my body to You, Goddess. You own my body and you
    Own my sex life. I agree to give up all of my rights to sexual
    gratification. I accept Your judgment and Your authority over if,
    when, and how I may receive sexual release.

    – I agree that sex is for the female’s pleasure, thus I will
    sexually satisfy You whenever and however You
    request it. I also understand that while I must stay
    monogamous in our marriage, You have the right to have
    sexual relations with anyone that You so desire.

    -I realize that in order to fulfill my potential, I must live a
    disciplined life. Therefore, I agree to regular discipline
    sessions that You will utilize to train, teach and guide
    me. The particulars of the discipline sessions will be totally
    up to You, Goddess.

    -Above all, I agree to love, cherish, honor and obey You, my Goddess
    for now and forever.

    Please please please accept me as your new loyal slave. Thank you, Goddess…”

    Hmmm…he hasn’t convinced me yet…Slaves, try harder…

  • Mistress Nylons foot slave

    foot feet pantyhoseHere is how a pathetic foot slave likes to humiliate himself for me to get a humiliation foot show in my live chat:
    Foot slave: please Miss Anna, talk to me like i am shit, be rude to me, call me mean names like loser, dog, worm, bitch, because that is what i am worth compared to you. You can make me do what u say if you bully me in your live chat

    Mistress Nylons: beg me to bully you you worthless piece of sh- t

    Foot slave: please Miss Anna, please bully me. I am so worthless compared to you, and all I deserve is to be humiliated by you and your feet. Please bully me, make me do what you want to humiliate myself for your amusement

    Foot slave: you have so much power over me Miss Anna, i am such a desperate loser who only wants to smell, lick and kiss the soles of your feet

    Foot slave: please allow me to enter your live webcam chat to abuse me and bully me Miss Anna, abuse the power you have over me by making me humiliate myself for your pleasure

    Mistress Nylons: I want to hear you beg more for humiliation in live chat, it’s so pathetic to hear your desperate whining ha ha ha

    Foot slave: u should make me breath in the air from inside your shoe, u should make me drink water that is squeezed out from your sock, u should slap my face hard with the soles of your feet, and laugh at me because i am your worthless puppy, who loves your feet so much

    Foot slave: kneel in front of you, and you kick me hard to my face, trying to knock me down. I fall back with the force of your kick, which makes you laugh at me, but then i kneel up again, ready to take your next kick

    Mistress Nylons: yess slave you’re doing a good job describing all the humiliating things your sh/t ass slave deserves

    Foot slave: i am so desperate Miss Anna, to taste, smell and feel your beautiful feet.

    Foot slave: you have so much power over me miss Anna,

    Mistress Nylons: you are so lucky I even take the time to talk to you loser slave!

    Foot slave: yes Miss Anna, of course you are right. i am such a lucky shit because you will even talk to me in your video chat, i know i deserve your contempt. it is my place to abuse and humiliate myself for you, just to demonstrate that you are so much better and higher than me.

    Foot slave: that is why i should only be allowed to have contact with the lowest part of your body – the soles of your feet.Even the soles of your feet are worth so much more than me

    Foot slave: even if your feet are dirty and smelly, it is my honor to humiliate myself by licking and sucking your feet clean for you, feasting on the dirt from your feet Miss Anna

    Mistress Nylons: mmm what a treat my dirt would be to you

    Foot slave: yes Miss Anna, it would be the best treat for a looser like me.

    Foot slave: please Miss Anna, please allow me to come in private chat to bully me and humiliate me for your pleasure. i will do anything you tell me to do Miss Anna, please Miss Anna, make me humiliate myself at your feet

    Mistress Nylons: you are completely humiliating yourself now

    Foot slave: yes Miss Anna, i feel so humiliated. just the thought of your feet makes me feel so weak and powerless Miss Anna

    Foot slave: i am like your toy Miss Anna. You can play with me however you like, kick my face and i will still want more

    This is how some of my undeserving slaves beg to get a humiliation session in my live video chat.