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    These are the most important updates for the moment:

    Progress in my training: submissives are starting to understand what their duty is and fully accomplish it. They get me things I like or go get lingerie they think I will like to see on them, they open folders on their pc they know I would like to find about. They do things to make me happy. And I am very happy about it.

    mistress nylons
    Fall holidays. I love taking holidays in the fall season because of the right weather and the right amount of people travelling around that time of the year. I love the freedom of being able to leave anytime I want but when I do it I take many things into consideration, like weather, humidity…If it s too much heat you get sweaty, if it’s too humid curls will fall apart, if it s too crowded you don’t get to enjoy things you normally would, you don’t get to visit freely all the places you’d like to, or in the comfort you would like.