• My Femdom Fantasy

    As a mistress in the online female domination world, I get to meet many submissives who are particularly obsessed with one slave fantasy or the other. It is not uncommon to find these submissives browsing around femdom sites looking for a dominatrix to completely control and discipline them.
    So many of my online sessions have been characterized by instances where a submissive would reveal his fetish for the feeling of being controlled by a dominatrix. The thought of having to give up their freedom, to them, is the best break from the reality and the normal boredom and certainty of everyday life. Sometimes, I find that when they don’t know what is going to happen next, they’re the most excited they’ve been that whole week. When they lose control of what they are allowed to do. When you normally are in control 100% of the time, you love losing !% of that control in a femdom chat.
    I’ve dominated with all kinds of submissives who have kinky femdom and BDSM fantasies for months and some even years. They love engaging in various kinds of BDSM activities such as rope bondage, cbt, chastity, edge play, and all kinds of role plays. Some prefer dominance and submission, while some even having their computer controlled. They feel they lose all freedom over their lives that are controlled this way by me.
    Unfortunately, not many submissives find the dominatrix or mistress they’re into – one who can truly understand their deepest fetish desires and fulfill their femdom fetishes. They browse web pages upon web pages of BDSM and female domination sites hoping to find the perfect dominatrix for their femdom fantasy.