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Lately I haven’t been online much, since I was away on vacation. Then I came back for a little while and left again on another trip.

I visited many nice places and now I got back and you can see me online more. My slave hypnotised90 said that he missed while I was away and wrote this nice story/fantasy for me to share with you. I will post it here because I am sure it will inspire many of you to give in to me after reading these lines. You will see why.

“For some time now I am pursued by a dream. A dream about miss Anna taking over my life. I know She is the perfect woman to do it, and I have from little to zero chances to resist Her power. During the recent day, I became almost completely crazy about a plot, including miss Anna, Her power and skill, at the one side, and me, my kinks and weaknesses at the other.
This plot includes miss Anna somehow taking control over my computer without my permission. I know this is very unlikely to happen, but it would be insane to notice one day, one moment, that my computer is remotely controlled by somebody else, and read miss Anna’s mocking message, appearing written with large pink letters all over my screen. To realize, that I no longer have the access to many of my personal files, many of my work files, nor to the setting of my computer account. (more…)