• You have my permission to be great

    Being a slave is not an easy thing, sometimes you’re supposed to do things you don’t like, things that push your to the extremes, things that put you to the test. But you do them, if it is in your nature to really be submissive. If not you’ll complain, you’ll move on to something else. Try new mistresses, try different women. And you won’t be satisfied. You’ll be looking for that little something that resides in you. That submission seed that wants to sprout. Give it a chance to see how it feels. Stop limiting yourself trying to hide who you are. Your place is at your lady’s feet, serving Her, and to see if that’s true, just try it and see if it makes you feel good, if it fulfils you.

  • What it takes to be my slave

    findomThroughout the time, there is no secret that I have owned many many slaves. For me a “slave” stands for a man who knows what he wants, and that means surrendering to a beautiful, intelligent Lady. Both the slave and the Lady have something in common. They both know what they want. There is this misconception that a slave is someone weak, powerless, little creature. And there is truth in this statement. He has these attributes … and more BUT just in the presence of his Mistress. How wonderful is this to be someone new in the presence of a Lady you adore. And you both know what you want: a sweet game. She wants to own you, you want to surrender.

  • My well behaved slaves

    Hi my slaves, just got back from my vacation, which was amazing, nice places to visit, a lot of relaxing, tanning, shopping, fine dining, desert safari, and all the great things you can do to relax while away.

    financial domination

    The nicest thing on vacation was seeing just how loyal my slaves are. For instance slave ben was supposed to send me his slave tax that he sends every 2 weeks, so he sent me this nice message to tell me he placed the slave tax at my feet…how sweet!

    slave tax

    And when I checked my email there was his slave tax:

  • Slave jokes

    Being a Mistress is fun, being an online Mistress is even more fun, since a lot of fetishes are involved. Some so called slaves make me laugh so hard.

    Joke of the day:

    22:17] CC/slave (private): im a little more in the dom mode today
    [22:17] CC/slave(private): have a fetish to see girls gagged
    [22:17] CC/slave (private): but guess not possible with you?
    [22:19] CC/slave(private): ?
    [22:21] DominantMiss (private to CC/slavetocc): no
    [22:21] DominantMiss (private to CC/slavetocc): it is not
    [22:22] DominantMiss (private to CC/slavetocc): I am not submissive at all
    [22:22] CC/slave(private): you dont need to be
    [22:22] CC/slave (private): just love gorgous girl gagged
    [22:22] CC/slave (private): you dont nedd to be submissive..

    Never met a gagged domme before, if you ever meet one, let me know guys, ok?? :)) Oh and don’t forget to take a pic of that too…might be funny :))

  • Financial slave pays tax for being here

    My financial slave is PAYING a tax to be on my blog right now. I took a few pictures and he paid a 50 bucks tax for each, plus a extra VIP tax

    financial slave



    This was amazing, draining him, watching him suffer for me then having him waiting patiently and even paying for having his pics posted on here. Now this is what I call a good slave 😉

  • From my loyal submissives

    This is a post dedicated to a few of my subs who have sent me things upon request. My black slave sent me a letter to share with all of you his obedience to Me. Here it is:

    I am black and goddess Annes slave, I am under the control of mistress at all times and only address mistress on my knees hands behind my back head on floor. As black slaves should, I am here only to service goddesses feet as I am not allowed to look at any other part of mistress without permission. I will only address mistress as superior, if I make any mistakes during sessions I will be punished severely and will whip myself with a cable wire until mistress is satisfied with my punishment. I understand black slaves are never dressed in session due to our white superiors asking of nothing less. We are slaves and should be treated as slaves at all times. Mistress does not allow black slaves to masturbate in front of her, again punishment is served for touching my genital area. I will serve my mistress on a weekly basis with no excuse, even when not well as the thought of my superior whipping me bloody scares me and I do not want to fail my owner, my owner is above my wife as she is white and her skin is a sign of superiority and we shall obey owners at all times. I am completely submitted to my superior until dismissed from her presence

    A black slave who knows his place

    Next submissive’s task was a challenge. He had to take a picture of himself chastised near the window. My chastity slave was so exposed, and he did it for Me!! So hot.

    Here is what he felt taking the pic:

    ” Good morning Miss Anna, hope you are well today. I did take a few photos of your chastity device beside some windows as you requested. I have to admit, it did feel embarrassing;)”

    And here is the pic:

    chastity slave

  • My chastity slave ben

    My chastity slave ben is a very bad bad slave, he had been in chastity for me for a few months when I caught him cheating, he was no longer wearing the chastity. He wanted to hide that from me and he couldn’t, then he begged me and begged me for months to have him as My slave again. It took me a long time to accept him as My slave again, and after a lot of begging he convinced me to chastise him again, hopefully this time he’ll be good. Here are his latest pics:

    chastity slave

    chastised slave

    chastity slave

    slave in chastity

  • Slave herb’s report

    chainLast week I gave my slave Herb an assignment and he successfully carried it and at my request he sent me his slave report. He did such a good job that I found it very appropriate to tell him how well he did, and how beautifully he wrote every detail of his assignment. As a reward slave herb’s report will be posted here. From now on the best reports will have a place right here on My blog. So I hope all of you do your best to write beautifully, just like slave herb did:


    i obeyed Your command by kneeling in a dark corner for two hours. Following is my report — i obeyed Your command over the weekend by kneeling in a corner in the dark. i made a couple enhancements though…..i locked a leather slave hood and gag over my head, attaching it to a thick leather collar. i then took ankle shackles and locked then and then finally, i took a pair of handcuffs and locked my wrists securely and completely behind my back.

    i put the keys on table beside me and knelt as You comamnded. Not only were the lights out but the hood prevented from seeing anything

    Time passed slowly, every minute seemed an hour…the real feeling of confinement became intoxicating as the handcuffs limited any movement, and my knees became sore from the constant pressure.

    However, the mental and physical stimulation was overwhelming and quite frustrating and painful. i was aroused the entire time, but the cock cage prohibited all erection. The thought of being chained and locked in chastity maximized all sensations. The thought of denial was incredibaly frustrating, much more than it has been normally.

    And the clock slowly ticked and i was completely not aware of how much time passed, but I knew that i would serve You unequivocably adn totally.

    After such time, i thought that two hours had passed and it was sctually about two and one/half. i tried to reach the key to the handcuffs and they fell to the ground. It took me about 15 minutes to successfully free myself

    my mind is alive with thoughts of Your dominanace and intelligence. i have always believed that if one could dominate my mind, i would be Her forever, and with this little task, You have dominanted my mind.

    Place command me Goddess,

    Your slave herb”

    This is one of the moments when you realize how lovely it is to have such a good submissive…

  • Having fun on cam

    I’m posting a picture of some of the fun webcam chats I have with some of you…You will see how much I love being entertained, how much I love to feminize you or to make fun of you…I will let the pics do the talking:

  • Orgasm denial

    What is orgasm denial? It is the secret tip some women know about and love to use in the bedroom to spice up their life. I like to use it all the time. I like denying. I think orgasm denial is a key factor of control for the woman.

    Mistress nylons

    It is a great way for her to exercise her sexual power in her relationship. Women, especially Mistresses that use orgasm denial with their submissives, are far more powerful than other women who don’t.

    mistress nylons

    Orgasm denial is a sexual power that can be used even throughout the non-sexual events in relationships by “bringing it up” throughout the course of the day. I like to tease my submissives all the time, then deny them, some of them are chastised, so that the tease is a torture really.

    mistress nylons

    So yes, tease tease tease, and a looot of denial denial denial, sometimes they are denied to touch themselves, sometimes they can touch but they cannot cum, so that’s the orgasm denial I so much ADORE!!