• Another sissy, slut rosy

    You’ve met sissy rosy a while back when she got dressed up for me in such sexy lingerie. From there she progressed to this sexy slutty sissy, so I had to call her in some way that suited her: Rosy is her name now. She is sexy yet slutty, dirty yet pretty at the same time, so I think this sensual name suits her. Her lips remind me of a pink rose, especially when she uses lipstick or lip gloss and she can use them so well now, just like a classy little lady.

    sissy lips

    If it weren’t for the slutty clothes and lingerie she constantly puts on for me, you would just say she is just feminine and that’s it. But she is really really slutty. She started off like this normal sissy…but then she met ME. So I had to work my magic, I took her under my wing, I trained her and I’ve got her to be this lovely slutty sissy.

  • Newest request

    thong3This is the newest request from one of my submissives, all gay men get your phone ready because
    I have a new slut for you: ” My name is Alex, from London. My number is
    07971670023, I need to be treated like trash, because I am human waste. I have been
    told to make myself available to any gays or bis who want get arouse themselves by
    subjecting me to abuse me over the phone.”