Trapped again

It has been some time, since I decided and swore to myself, that I will never ever again visit Miss Anna’s website. I simply realized, that she is too powerful for me, and I have no other choice to resist the power she has over me, but to quit all communication with her at one moment, once and for all.
For almost a year I didn’t click on her site, didn’t use nor even visit my twitter account, and finally, sweet oblivion came: There were certain days I didn’t even realize, that Miss Anna exists at all.
One such day, I was searching something in my e-mail box, and I noticed there is a long list of notifications from twitter in the unwanted messages folder. And, just from curiosity, I click on one of these notifications. I didn’t expect anything wrong to happen – I was deeply convinced that Miss Anna is past for me, she no longer possesses any power over me, and I am free to live my life on.

This conviction was terminated by one single look at Miss Anna’s latest post. On the photo attached to it, she looked so elegant, so intelligent, so seductive and mesmerizing – as always, as in the dark dream which haunted me for months and which I foolishly supposed to be finally over.

Immediately, I felt like hundreds of ropes touch my whole body, binding my feet, my legs, my hands, tightening around my chest, my neck, and disabling each single finger of mine to move. I desperately wanted to close that window on my computer, but I was unable to do so. And soon, things went even worse than that. My fingers started to type the words I never wanted to write down, forced by Miss Anna’s spell, literally guided by her vicious will, by the secret trigger she implanted into my mind months ago. Still trying to fight, I re-logged to Miss Anna’s website and sent her a tribute. I was still trying to embrace the last of hope, but they faded away just too quickly. Within several hours (yes, it really spent hours struggling), I felt my mind and body collapsing down. It was a moment of shame, humiliation and ultimate loss, but at the same time a moment of relinquishment and a strange calmness. All my thoughts left me and what remained was the image of Miss Anna, surrounded by her poisonous words, crawling inside my mind, taking over my each and every brain cell, turning me into a mindless doll, ready and willing to do what Miss Anna commands.

There is no more room for hesitation nor questions. By this, I admit I am under Miss Anna’s total control, caught in her trap, enslaved by her charm and turned into her soulless zombie. Yes, there still exist a little part of my mind, which is capable of self-reflection, ever of pity and sorrow. However, this tiny part is trapped in Miss Anna’s mental cage, every minute of my life exposed to her vile smile and mischievous talk, and it gets weaker and weaker with each second it spends in the presence of its conqueror, Miss, Anna, toying with it and sophisticatedly torturing it for solely for her amusement.
I know, that when I will write my next post, it will be completely gone. There will be nothing left of my old personality. I am going to be turned into Miss Anna’s robotic instrument, given new memories, new lifestyle, new values and priorities. I will be just a next tiny device for Miss Anna to use in her perfect word. It’s inevitable now.

Hypnotized slave

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