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I know you’ve all asked me how I have been since I haven’t been updating this page often, but I didn’t have time for this. I’ve been busy in the chatroom quite a lot. I’ve traveled quite lately and when I came back lots of you had to see me since you missed me…so you said hehe. Other than traveling and chatting I’ve been enjoying my time outdoors, going out, shopping of course …lol so just the usual, really. Everything is great, and I am leaving on vacation again in 2 weeks.

One of the reasons that kept me from posting on here, other than being busy was that some of my sub missives have been harassed by some online “mistresses” who saw their potential and felt like exploiting that. Being a mistress, from my point of view, is about being your real self, and showing that and using that in your sessions.
I think a mistress who has a profile on a respected website is a good thing. It shows that she is committed, she is willing to put herself out there for her sub missives to worship and serve her. But when a so called mistress doesn’t have an online profile with years of experience with sub missives, a slave should ask himself if she’s not doing it over night just to take advantage of submissive men. When you are looking for a dominatrix, as a submissive it’s easy to be misled. But if the mistress hosts sessions on a well known website, if she has a personal website, twitter, reviews from other sub missives who have served her, a webcam session with her in which you can see if she’s real…those things will help to tell if she is really what you need. I am writing this because I want to help sub missives choose better so that they’re not just misled by someone who will pick them up online and will eventually take this whole bdsm thing against them. I’ve seen it happen and it’s ugly, just ugly to notice it. This has made me think a lot before posting anything again on here. Since, as you may be aware, everyone reads it. I am ok with it, but this just gave me the idea to create a more personal place where I can post exactly what I feel like posting.

I’ve been working on a personal website, which turned out to be more like a fan club of mine, where I will be posting more personal things, pictures, videos. Even v logs in which I will talk more about what’s going on with me.
Yes you heard right… I will be posting lots of hot videos, sexy pictures…in fact all my pictures will be there..HD ones 🙂 So it is good to know that only my fans have access to that page so that I can post whatever I want. I will keep this blog, so all the updates you’ll find out on here. My fan club is the place where you can find out more about me. Pictures and videos and v logs…and that you can find here I am sure you will like it!

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