What it takes to be my slave

findomThroughout the time, there is no secret that I have owned many many slaves. For me a “slave” stands for a man who knows what he wants, and that means surrendering to a beautiful, intelligent Lady. Both the slave and the Lady have something in common. They both know what they want. There is this misconception that a slave is someone weak, powerless, little creature. And there is truth in this statement. He has these attributes … and more BUT just in the presence of his Mistress. How wonderful is this to be someone new in the presence of a Lady you adore. And you both know what you want: a sweet game. She wants to own you, you want to surrender.

What a beautiful game of power and submission. If these moments in the presence of your Dominant Lady make you feel good, fulfilled….your true self, then why not do it. You already know what you want. And if you don’t, just ask yourself. What is it you want? And if what you want is to give in to Me, then it’s the right answer. From there everything will flow easily. All the right actions. Actions like:

-Being loyal to Me
-Being true to Me
-Saying yes to Me
-Pleasing Me
-Being grateful to serve Me

I have this tendency of just accepting the slaves that I consider that are right for Me. I am not the type of person to settle for less than what I deserve. As you may have noticed I am quite stubborn, independent and strict. For me, words don’t mean that much. Because I know the human nature and I know how easy it is to say words, but when it comes to actions, many submissive back away. And that is the big test. Action. Meaning what you’re saying, showing that your words are true, that you are a loyal submissive. If not, you can always choose what you think it is best for you. There are always options, and this is true when it comes to dominance/submission. So now you can understand, for me things are not just about a role play and just that. I always aim for the real thing, which is about true devotion and worship. I want you to dedicate your life to serving Me, and that requires lots of energy, which won’t leave you too much time for playing games around. Once you understand what is what you want, it will be easier to choose who to serve, so you can do it perfectly, just how I like it. Why not have perfect things and perfect relationships? Am I asking too much from my slaves?
After all. aren’t you looking for the Perfect Mistress, as well?

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