When virtual life meets real life

First I have to say I am overwhelmed by the number of messages I’ve got in my inbox from my submissives who wanted to be featured here with their fantasies and posts they wrote for me. I’ve been meaning to post them but I thought it wouldn’t be fair to do that without me writing something first …since it’s my blog after all.
So here are some things that happened since the last time I wrote here: a trip to Lisbon, followed by an award for my site DominantMiss, and then a lot of new shoes happened too. The thing is I’ve been so busy online that I didn’t have time to write on here, but I did make time to post on twitter almost every day. If you want to check whether I am online or not, the best way is to check my twitter, I always make sure to let you know about important things and updates.

So you’re probably wondering now why I chose this title…It all has to do with my trip to Lisbon and being invited to the Live Cam Awards as one of the co-hosts there.

That involved giving awards to other hosts who were voted as the best cam models in 2018. The action took place in Portugal, close to Lisbon, in Casino Estoril, in a beautiful location that made you feel like a star, all the lights were shining so bright, and the atmosphere there was surreal!

Let me tell you a bit about that, it was really exciting to get on stage and be watched by so many people, I was so nervous even though I only had a few words to say there, it was still pretty breath taking to see the lights above the stage and the crowd in the audience in front of me.
live cam awards
It was one of the few moments in my life where I felt as if the world stopped and time stood still for a few seconds when I heard my name and that I had won the award for the “best cam model personal site”.  If you’ve known me for a while then you know I constantly update that site, adding all my newest pictures on there, as soon as I take them, I make sure to post them there too, because I can post much more than on any site I host on, and I am not limited when it comes to size and other technical details, so there you can be sure you will find every piece of content I’ve ever created. So I was so happy all my effort and hard work have been rewarded and I can’t describe how great receiving that award made me feel.
cam model award
But back to being on that stage, first as a co-host -awarding other chat hosts, and then being awarded myself, it all felt so real and… well amazing. You know sometimes how you are sitting in front of your computer and you’re thinking it’s all virtual. My take on things is that now the virtual is the new real, as it takes so much of our life and we practically depend on the internet for everything and we’ve become so addicted to it that it all has got very real. And being there among other hosts, and on that stage, dressed up in my leather dress, receiving my award, it all made me feel that everything is very real, all these years online have pretty much been summed up by this trip and this event. It felt, like I got my recognition I didn’t even dream about before. Of course last year I had already got that with my other award, and this year it all was a nice addition to everything that happened before. By the way I want to thank everyone this way for your support, and just want to say how happy I am that we’re all in this virtual story that brought us together, getting to know more about our selves and our inner fantasies.

I will soon have to give awards to my sissies and subs and slaves that have been showing good behavior. So keep it up and see you all soon!

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